On April 1, 1984, the life of soul and R&B legend Marvin Gaye came to a tragic and untimely end. The singer-songwriter had achieved great success throughout his career as an artist and producer for Motown Records, but was struggling with drug addiction and a complex relationship with his father.

The award-winning documentary “Marvin Gaye: The Final Days” chronicles the last days of Gaye’s life from the perspective of those closest to him. Interviews with family members, friends, musicians and producers provide insight into how he lived his life on the edge of despair. As his father’s mental illness worsened in the final months of Marvin’s life, so did his personal struggles with substance abuse.

The documentary explores how both external pressures and internal struggles led to Marvin’s death. Through archival footage and interviews with people who were close to him, we’re able to gain a better understanding of both his professional achievements as well as his inner turmoil. His turbulent relationship with father is also addressed in detail, providing a deeper look into their dynamic and how it impacted Marvin’s behavior during this period.

“Marvin Gaye: The Final Days” is an intimate portrait that takes viewers inside the creative genius’ tumultuous last days. It paints a vivid picture of the legendary singer-songwriter’s journey through fame, addiction and tragedy — offering valuable insights into what really happened on April 1st all those years ago. If you’re looking for an honest account of one of music history’s most beloved artists, then this is definitely worth watching!