The Secrets of The Austrian Cellar

May 4, 2024 | News, Political, Videos

For over 25 years, Elisabeth Fritzl endured the unimaginable horror of being held captive by her own father in a cellar beneath their family home. During this time, she gave birth to seven children – three of whom were kept in the cellar with her, while three more were taken upstairs to live with her father and his wife. Tragically, one infant was even incinerated in the cellar furnace after dying just days after birth.

This unbelievable yet true story is one that has captivated the world since its discovery in 2008. Now, an insightful new documentary seeks to bring further understanding to this dark chapter of modern European history. The documentary ‘Elizabeth Fritzl: A Story of Incest and Survival’ brings together interviews with those who lived through and reported on this horrific case as well as previously unheard audio recordings and archive footage from inside the Fritzl house.

The film provides a gripping insight into what life could have been like for both Elizabeth Fritzl and her children; something which is rarely available to the public when it comes to real-life cases such as these. Through these interviews and archive footage, we are able to gain a newfound appreciation for Elizabeth’s courage in surviving such a dramatic ordeal.

For those looking for more information about one of Europe’s most notorious cases of incestuous abuse, ‘Elizabeth Fritzl: A Story of Incest and Survival’ is essential viewing. It provides viewers with an intimate look at what happened behind closed doors between Elizabeth Fritzl and her captor father – all told through first-hand accounts from those that knew them best or reported on their case originally. So if you are interested in gaining further insight into this incredible story, make sure you watch this groundbreaking documentary!

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David B