Somewhere on Earth is going to drop anchor in Jamaica. The third largest island of the Antilles, is a land of majestic, tormented landscapes.
In the north, there’s more than 200 km of coast open to the Caribbean rollers and the trade winds. The Jamaican mountains harbor an unspoiled world steeped in the strains of reggae music.
Adam is a real powerhouse. He draws his energy from the most remote corners of the island. A veteran caver and tireless hiker, Adam’s likes nothing more than exploring the surprising treasures of his island.
Howard, the River Rasta, lives in the Blue Mountains. Fisherman, farmer and singer, he invites us into his world, a realm of dusky forests and bright mornings.
Nakhlé came to Jamaica about 10 years ago. Born in Lebanon in the Middle East, he couldn’t imagine his life without the sea nearby. From his war-torn homeland he brought to Jamaica his passion for free diving.