Death Row Interviews

Aug 22, 2023 | Social, Videos

Interview Before Execution is an extraordinary Chinese documentary series that has captivated millions of viewers across the country every Saturday night. The show brings viewers into prisons and talks to those condemned to die in the weeks, days or even minutes before their executions. Host Ding Yu sheds light on a part of China that is usually hidden from public view.

The documentary features clips from the show as well as never before seen footage of China’s death row, with interviews conducted from local judges who openly challenge the use of capital punishment in the country. As a result, this eye-opening program has sparked conversations about morality, ethics and justice throughout China.

This World presents a unique opportunity for viewers to understand how attitudes towards death penalty have evolved over time in this fast-changing society and how it affects people’s lives. It also allows us to better appreciate the consequences our decisions can have on others and ourselves.

For those interested in learning more about capital punishment in China and hearing stories of courage, hope and redemption – Interview Before Execution is a must-watch documentary. The show offers an intimate glimpse into a complex issue that will make you think twice about life, death and justice.

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David B