Ukraine: The Church on the Front Line

Oct 17, 2023 | People, Religion, Videos


Three years ago, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church made a groundbreaking decision – to no longer be under the authority of the religious authorities in Moscow. To learn more about what this means and what it means for Ukraine, one must journey to the frontline of the conflict. To do just that, our reporters have accompanied Metropolitan Epiphaniy Dumenko, a bishop who supports his faithful and openly supports the army in his mission to see firsthand how his church is being affected by this monumental shift.

Metropolitan Epiphaniy has witnessed first-hand how his church has been able to help those living on the frontline of conflict and keep hope alive in these otherwise uncertain times. He has seen how his church has become a pillar of spiritual support for those who are struggling with their faith during these trying times and he has seen how much good it can do when all other sources of hope have been extinguished.

Our documentary follows Metropolitan Epiphaniy as he visits areas affected by this ongoing conflict and helps bring some solace into people’s lives. It is an inspiring story that shows how faith can bring people together and provide strength in times of adversity. Our documentary will take viewers on an emotional journey and give them a unique insight into a struggle that has lasted for hundreds of years but is still raging today.

For anyone who wants to learn more about the ongoing struggles faced by those on the frontline in Ukraine, we highly recommend watching our documentary which follows Metropolitan Epiphaniy as he brings hope to those who need it most. Through his work, we can gain invaluable insight into why this struggle continues even after so many centuries and start to understand better why faith is such an important factor in bringing peace to countries like Ukraine.

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David B