Argentina: Return of the jaguars

Aug 1, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

In Argentina’s Esteros del Iberá wetlands, jaguars were extinct for decades – along with other rare animals like swamp deer, tapirs, giant otters, and anteaters. Now, a revolutionary reintroduction initiative lead by ecologists and spearheaded by US multimillionaire Douglas Tompkins is helping reinstate the lost species and restore the ecosystem’s lost equilibrium.
Since the 1990s, Tompkins had envisioned a project to renaturize the extensive swamp area in northern Argentina and leave nature alone. Today, a major reintroduction program brings about the return of animals and a rejuvenated ecosystem. However, the ecologists’ ideas to rebuild the animals’ lost habitat face obstacles, with resistance by the region’s indigenous communities. Follow the documentary on this South American major project, diving deep into the challenges, triumphs, and implications of wildlife restoration.

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David B