The 16 Best Documentaries About Argentina

Jul 15, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

For Argentina, the land of beautiful landscapes and captivating culture, there’s nothing better than watching a documentary to get an understanding about its people and how the country has evolved over the decades. From examining political movements to exploring iconic landmarks, these 12 documentaries provide a unique window into Argentine life.


1. Missing Generation (2003)

This gripping documentary delves into the dark history of Argentina’s brutal military regime, shedding light on the harrowing stories of those who were forced to endure unimaginable tragedy and loss. Through the poignant recollections of four remarkable individuals, we are given a window into the ongoing nightmare that continues to haunt this nation even 25 years later.






2. The Dread (2018)

Welcome to the isolated village of Argentina, where local customs and beliefs hold more weight than modern medicine. Among the common ailments that the villagers can cure with their home remedies is the dreaded espanto – a mortal fear that grips its victims in terror.






3. Argentina (2007)

Argentina, a country steeped in rich history and captivating landscapes, has long been a destination that calls to adventurers and city-dwellers alike. From the vast expanses of Patagonia to the bustling metropolitan hub of Buenos Aires, there is something for everyone within this South American gem.






4. Cowboys Without Borders (2020)

Join a 6th generation Texan on his journey across the American continent, from Montana to Argentina, as he delves into the world of ranches and cowboys. Through his eyes, we witness the timeless spirit of cattle operations and the unbreakable bond between man and animal.







The Best Free Documentaries About Argentina


1. Alaska to Argentina

Be inspired by the amazing story of Holly “Cargo” Harrison, a 58-year-old adventurer who completed an epic journey from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This 14,181 mile trek along the Pan American Highway took him 530 days to complete – something that had never been done before! Learn about his incredible journey and see why it is such an inspiring tale of hard work and dedication.


2. Argentina’s Dirty War

The military junta led by General Jorge Videla seized control of Argentina on March 24, 1976 and began a campaign to eliminate left-wing opponents. This became known as the “Dirty War” in which an estimated 30,000 people were killed or kidnapped. To uncover the hidden truths of these prisoners, torture methods such as sexual abuse, cigarette burns and electric shocks were used during the eight years of victimization. In this documentary we explore Argentina’s Dirty War through accounts of those who experienced it first hand and learn how repression and cover-up still characterize this dark period in history today.


3. History of Argentina

The history of Argentina is filled with fascinating events that have shaped the nation into what it is today. Through this video, you will gain an understanding of how universal male suffrage was made effective in 1912 and how the Radical Civic Union party gained power four years later. We will also explore the return to democracy after Great Britain’s humiliating defeat of Argentina’s 1982 attempt to reoccupy the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands. Finally, we delve into how these events led to change within Argentina and set it on a new course. Join us as we take a look at this captivating Argentinian history!


4. Currency Failures from Argentina to Zimbabwe

Do you want to learn about the currency failures of Argentina and other countries? From the 2018 Argentine monetary crisis to the Baring Brothers’ bankruptcy, this documentary will take you through it all. We’ll explore how a lack of coordination between fiscal and monetary policies can cause an economic downturn, as well as how free-market reforms can play a role in restoring stability. Learn more about what led up to these crises and what measures have been taken to prevent future ones.


5. Deadliest Roads – Argentina

From the Andes Mountains to Buenos Aires, this video takes you on a journey through Argentina’s deadliest roads. From lorry drivers navigating high altitudes and precipices, to countryside doctors walking for hours over 5000 metres to visit patients, we witness courage and resourcefulness like never before. We also meet Pablo the farmer who bravely crosses rainy-season lagoons in his Mad Max vehicle just to deliver milk. Plus get a glimpse of Gauchos competing in corral arena rodeos where “it’s make or break”. Join us as we explore extreme Argentina and discover tales of courage from its inhabitants!


6. Argentina: Country of Missed Opportunities

Argentina has been plagued by missed opportunities. Despite its resources, it has failed to reach its full potential due to over-investment in agriculture, a singular political model, inequality and corruption. In this documentary we explore the reasons why Argentina did not take advantage of its many opportunities and examine how these issues have impacted the country’s progress. Learn about what could have been for this South American nation and discover what can be done moving forward!


7. World’s Most Dangerous Railway Tracks- Argentina: The Train To The Clouds

Experience the thrill of a lifetime by taking the world’s most dangerous railway tracks! From extreme heights to oceans and savannahs, these legendary routes have been conquering nature for over 300 years. Learn about the engineering skills and indomitable will of humankind that made it possible to open up new routes into unknown territories. Watch this video to explore how industrial culture, progress, and travel come together in amazing railway lines on all continents. Don’t miss out on this captivating journey!


8. Deadliest Journeys – Argentina: Make It or Break It on

Take a journey to the extreme roads of Argentina and witness the courage and resourcefulness of its people. From lorry drivers braving high altitudes, to countryside doctors walking for hours in order to reach their patients, you will be amazed at what they are able to accomplish. Join us as we meet Pablo the farmer who crosses rainy season lagoons with his Mad Max lorry half bus half tractor just so he can deliver milk to his farm. We also take part in corral arena rodeos where death-deceiving Gauchos compete against each other, all while making it or breaking it on some of the deadliest journeys in Argentina!


9. Argentina Vacation Travel Video Guide

Argentina is a captivating land of tango, adventure and breathtaking nature. In this video, we explore Buenos Aires – the capital of Argentina that has buildings reminiscent of bygone times. Visit with us the Plaza De Mayo and Casa Rosada which are part of historic heart of the city. We’ll also take you to an estanzia – a feudal residence built by beef barons on the endless plains of pampas. You can’t miss out on one of the highest railroads in the world – Tren A Las Nubes or “Train into Clouds”. Experience with us Los Glaciares National Park with its lakes, glaciers, mountains and untouched wilderness! From north to south, through cities to glaciers and mountains – Argentina awaits you! Join us for an unforgettable journey full of mystery and beauty!


10. Argentinian Gauchos and their horses

Discover the unique and diverse cultures of Argentinian Gauchos and their horses in this special documentary series. From the pampa to polo fields, take a peek into three very different worlds while following personal stories that showcase how dreams can come true. Witness the fight for survival of cartoneros, rubbish collectors in Buenos Aires, as well as an exclusive look at gaucho culture with its magnificent four-legged friends. Get under the spell of horses from Argentina today!


11. Argentina: Return of the jaguars

The Esteros del Iberá wetlands in Argentina faced a stark reality in the 1970s. Jaguars, swamp deer, tapirs, giant otters and anteaters had been wiped out due to hunting and farming. But thanks to US multimillionaire Douglas Tompkins’ passion for nature conservation, he bought the area and began a project that would restore these rare animals back into their natural habitat – the Esteros del Iberá wetlands. In this video we explore how his vision of leaving nature alone is bringing about the return of jaguars and other wildlife to northern Argentina!


12. The Animated History of Argentina

Take a journey through Argentina’s history and discover the stories of its people in this animated documentary. From the indigenous cultures who were there before colonization, to the present day, learn about all the major political events and social movements that have shaped Argentina over time. Explore how these experiences have impacted life today for those who live in this beautiful South American country.

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