The 10 Best Documentaries About Otters

Oct 30, 2023 | Animals, Best Of, Nature

A word of admiration, a term of endearment. It’s a fitting name for this list of must-watch documentaries about otters that are simply too adorable to ignore. From the playful sea otter to the crafty river otter, these fascinating creatures have been captivating us for centuries with their antics and intelligence. But what do we really know about them? These documentaries will take you from the depths of the oceans to the wetlands, as they explore the lives and habitats of otters around the world. Exploring their behavior, habits, and how they interact with other animals, these films provide a unique insight into our beloved furry friends.


1. Otters Survive In The Rocky Mountains

In the lush forests of the Rocky Mountains, a unique family thrives. Two packs of otters – two mothers and their young – live alongside each other in relative harmony. Together they fish and frolic in the rivers and lakes that abound with life. However, their idyllic life is not without challenges. They must contend with beavers invading their home, migrating cutthroat trout blocking spawning beds, and coyotes that rely on them for food during the winter months. But despite these obstacles, the two families remain united in their struggle against the odds.


2. The Legend of the Otter Man

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam was once home to a family of otters, and Bao’s family held a special connection with them. But when war arrived, the tradition of having otters as companions faded away. Bao became a farmer for many years, until one day an old man brought Loutra into his life. A young otter who had been caught in a trap, Loutra and Bao soon became the best of friends. Together they fished, explored and shared stories under the starlit sky. This newfound friendship eventually reignited Bao’s passion for otters, and he began to tell others about their unique beauty, resilience and grace. His story was eventually turned into a documentary that celebrates the bond between humans and otters. This is a tribute to the generations of people who have been captivated by this majestic animal.


3. The Otter’s Trail – Go Wild\

Austrian zoologists were shocked to discover that European otters had been quietly reclaiming parts of their old homeland during the mid-80s. Despite being on the verge of extinction, these adaptable aquatic animals have used their intelligence and cunningness to re-establish their place in the Austrian riverbanks. This remarkable comeback story has spawned a documentary film .


4. Giant Otters of the Amazon

Discover the amazing world of a breathtaking exploration into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Follow along with intrepid naturalists as they seek to unearth new information about the mighty giant otters that inhabit this vast and varied environment. Witness up close their unique behaviors and behaviors of other Amazonian species. From their flamboyant display of affection to their team-based hunting tactics, you will be amazed by the complexity of this remarkable creature. As we witness how these intelligent animals live in harmony with nature, we gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse beauty of our planet’s wildest places.


5. The Enchanting Life Of The Giant Otter

Giant Otters are an incredible species with power and grace. These playful creatures, measuring over eight feet long, can be found in many locations including South America, India and the Philippines. It is their beauty that has made them a target for illegal trade of fur, despite their protection by law.


6. The Sea Otter’s 100 Year Comeback

Beneath the thunderous waves of Canada’s remote West Coast, a curious scene is unfolding. Two species dance in perfect harmony – each bringing their own unique flair to the performance. The first is nature’s prima ballerina – the sea otter. Her graceful moves and acrobatic stunts draw attention like a magnet, prompting awe from any onlooker lucky enough to witness the show. But the ballerina isn’t alone. The second species  or the ‘whale of love’ – has joined her on stage in a remarkable comeback story.


7. Trying To Save The Giant Otter

Diane McTurk has achieved the remarkable. At the age of 74, she has set a new benchmark for animal conservation, particularly in her passionate work with giant otters. In this inspiring documentary, we follow her as she embarks on an incredible journey to find an otter she hasn’t seen in over a year. With predators like caiman and territorial wild otters, will he be able to successfully make it back home? Along the way, she must face incredible odds and use her knowledge of animal behaviour to save him. See how Diane defies all expectations in this documentary about her remarkable work with endangered species rehabilitation. An uplifting story that is sure to inspire everyone who watches!


8. The truth behind the pet otter craze

From playful riverbank antics to their signature slides on slippery rocks, otters have always captured our imagination. But beyond just looking cute and cuddly, these hardworking mammals are essential for keeping rivers and lakes healthy. It takes viewers on an extraordinary journey, exploring the world of wild otters and examining how they interact with their environment. This documentary explores the unique behavior and ecology of otters, as well as their need for protection from humans who often see them as potential pets.


9. The Sea Otter Seesaw On The Alaskan Coastline

Explore our world and see the incredible natural wonders it has to offer. Venture into the great outdoors and discover animals in their natural habitat. From otters to wildcats, gain insight into their lives and how they thrive in a changing environment. Learn about the trials and tribulations of these animals as they face danger from both predators and human interference.


10. Animal Park – Otter Love

Rosie, the lonely otter, has been living alone in the lake after her partner passes away. Kate, a keeper at the water’s edge, is determined to find Rosie a suitable mate and embarks on a journey to learn more about the creatures of the lake. Along this journey she discovers secrets from its past that may help her in her mission to bring companionship to Rosie. As the story unfolds, relationships develop and a beautiful bond between Rosie and her new partner is formed.


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