The 10 Best Documentaries About The Amazon Rainforest

Jul 23, 2023 | Best Of, Environmental, Nature

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most diverse and complex ecosystems on Earth. It has captivated the imaginations of humans for centuries, yet it also remains largely unexplored and misunderstood. Fortunately, filmmakers have taken up the challenge to document its secrets and share them with the world. From stories about indigenous cultures to tales of human-driven destruction, these documentaries offer a glimpse into this mysterious landscape while highlighting pressing environmental issues that need attention. Here are some of the best documentaries about Amazon’s remarkable beauty and fragility.


1. Uncharted – The Beautiful World of the Amazon

Deep in the unexplored jungles of Peru, a silky anteater is struggling to stay alert and turtles are fighting for their spot in the sun. Meanwhile, a mother hummingbird works tirelessly to provide for her newly hatched chick as dark clouds start to fill the sky. Violent storms bring destruction through the rainforest with rivers flooding and strange creatures forced from hiding places. Through millions of years of evolution, animals have adapted bizarre relationships and tactics to survive these extreme conditions – but they were never prepared for what was coming next! Join us on an exciting journey as we explore how animals face up against this new species arrival in the rainforest!


2. Surviving 9 Days in the Amazon Rainforest

Are you curious to know what it would be like to survive nine days in an Amazon rainforest? Join us as we take a journey through the depths of the wild and explore the unique environment that is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on earth. Discover how one man was able to survive for nearly two weeks with nothing but his wits and determination, while also learning about local customs and traditions. This full documentary offers a comprehensive look at life in this remarkable ecosystem, making it an adventure you won’t want to miss!


3. Creatures of the Amazon Rainforest – National geographic Documentary

Explore the Amazon rainforest, a vast ecosystem containing an estimated 390 billion individual trees divided into 16,000 species. Immerse yourself in this mysterious world and discover its strange wonders. From nine nations that make up the Amazon basin to five million square kilometers of tropical rainforest, this documentary will take you on a journey to uncover new secrets and places never seen before! Uncover unique plants and animals in their native habitats as you learn about the importance of preserving these areas for future generations. So join us now on this incredible adventure through one of Earth’s last untouched wildernesses: The Amazon Rainforest.



4. Is The Amazon River On The Brink Of Destruction?

The Amazon is a powerful and life-giving river that has shaped the lives of millions living alongside it. In this documentary, we explore how humans have interacted with and impacted the ever-changing nature of our relationship with Earth’s amazing water systems. From its majestic flow to its potential danger, Rivers and Life provides an in-depth look into the cultures and lives of people around the world who are dependent on rivers for their everyday needs. Get ready to be inspired by these stories as we learn more about how precious our planet’s waterways really are!


5. Guardians of the Amazon

Dan Harris and his team join forces with the Guardians, a small indigenous group defending their land by hunting down illegal loggers. As the Amazon Rain Forest faces an uncertain future due to rapid deforestation, follow Dan as he reveals the story of this determined group fighting for their home in an inspiring journey of perseverance.


6. Foreign Legion: How to Survive in the Hostile Amazon Rainforest

Join us for a remarkable journey into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where we follow the foreign legion and explore their incredible challenge. For more than a month, these elite soldiers have tested both body and mind as they traverse one of Earth’s most unique environments. Come along with us to experience this amazing adventure!


7. Hidden Tribes of the Amazon Unveiled Documentary 2017 – The Best Documentary Ever

This documentary takes you on a journey to the Amazon rainforest, an undiscovered corner of the world. Unveiling hidden tribes and their secrets, this film shows you a side of this incredible region that few have ever seen before. From breathtaking nature shots to interviews with tribal elders, this is one of the most captivating documentaries about the Amazon ever made!


8. Amazon Rainforest: the Foreign Legion in the Heart of Green Hell

For more than a month, the elite soldiers of the French Foreign Legion have been challenging themselves on the perilous terrain of the Guianese jungle. During this time, these courageous men have pushed their physical and mental limits to the extreme, honing their skills in preparation for any situation they may face in the future.

The documentary that follows this incredible journey offers a very personal insight into how these men live and train. Viewers learn about their challenging but rewarding lifestyle as they endure intense conditions and tackle difficult tasks. Through spectacular cinematography and captivating storytelling, audiences are transported into a world of danger and adventure.


9. Day in the Life of an Amazon Jungle Tribe!

Take a journey into the Amazon jungle and learn about an incredible tribe that has managed to survive for centuries. This video will showcase a day in the life of this remarkable group, from their traditional methods of hunting and gathering food, to their unique culture and beliefs. We’ll also explore how they’ve been able to keep up with modern times while still preserving their ancient ways. So join us on this amazing adventure as we discover what it’s really like to live among one of the last true tribes in South America!



In the heart of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, the Munduruku indigenous people are fighting for their survival against the devastating impact of illegal logging and land grabs. Led by Chief Juarez Saw Munduruku, they are determined to stop the deforestation that threatens not only their way of life, but also the survival of the planet. Shot over six years, this documentary provides deep insights into their struggle and offers a glimpse into the environmental catastrophe that looms if we fail to act now.


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