Amish: A Secret Life

Jun 19, 2024 | Religion, Social, Videos

Miriam and David are two Old Order Amish, living a life of faith and deeply entrenched in their traditions. However, despite the strict rules of the Amish church, they recently allowed an intimate documentary to be filmed inside their home. The documentary gives a unique window into an otherwise kept-private world, offering an insight into the values and daily routine of this family at risk.

The film starts by exploring the reasons why Miriam and David decided to let cameras inside their lives despite all potential risks. From there, it continues to take viewers on a journey into the inner workings of Old Order Amish culture, delving deeper into its core values and how they affect everyday life. We learn about the importance placed on education and hard work throughout childhood as well as what it means to be part of a tight-knit community that emphasizes virtue and faith above all else.

In addition to highlighting this specific family’s experiences, the documentary also captures beautiful shots of farmland, nature and small town life within a rural setting. It’s an inspiring portrait that shows the strength of family bonds while also revealing the hidden complexities of Amish life.

If you’re interested in uncovering a side of America rarely seen in popular culture or gaining a fresh perspective on traditional ways of living, then this documentary is for you! It’s an intriguing study that will leave you with greater insight and appreciation for those who are willing to stand out from society’s norms without compromising their beliefs or values.

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