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Oct 26, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Documentaries have come a long way from boring educational videos to captivating and exciting stories that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. When it comes to baboons, these documentaries bring incredible insight into the fascinating lives of these primates. From exploring the social dynamics between groups of baboons in Africa to learning about their creative problem-solving abilities, there is much to discover about these remarkable creatures. Here are some of the best documentaries about baboons that will get you up close and personal with the wilds of Africa. From award-winning productions to notable scientific studies, these films provide a unique look into the complex lives of baboons and their role in African ecosystems.


1. Zambia’s Clever Golden Baboons

Marvel at the magnificence of Africa’s last true wilderness, the Luangwa Valley. Home to the majestic golden baboon, this is a place where you can witness some of nature’s most dramatic and captivating spectacles. Follow these fascinating animals as they go about their daily lives – from gathering food, forming alliances and protecting their young from predators. With thrilling narrative and stunning footage, you can discover the secrets of these incredible creatures. The Best Documentaries About Baboons will be an unforgettable journey into this wild kingdom. So don’t miss out on this unique chance to explore the world of the African golden baboon!


2. The 100 Baboons Known As ‘The Pumphouse Gang’

Dr Strum has had an extraordinary opportunity to gain insight and understanding of baboon society. She spent over 6,000 hours with a troop of about 100 baboons known as the Pumphouse Gang, coming to recognize their gestures and “language” like no one ever before. Her discoveries made it possible for us to better comprehend the complexities of baboon social structures, and how we humans can learn from their method of living. Becoming an expert in baboon behavior, Dr Strum was able to show us just how intricate and unique these animals really are – something we must never forget. By watching the documentaries about her work, we come away with a greater appreciation for the beauty and intricacy of nature, as well as a newfound respect


3. Wild King of Baboons Documentary HD 2018 – NATGEO Wild

Baboons are some of the largest primates in the world. These Old World monkeys belong to the genus Papio, and have five distinct species. A baboon’s size and weight will depend on its particular species – from as small as 14 kg (31 lb) to as heavy as 40 kg (88 lb). The Guinea baboon is 50 cm (20 in) while the largest chacma baboon can reach up to 120 cm (47 in).These fascinating creatures are spread throughout Africa and Arabia, with most species living in savannas and open woodlands. Baboons are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day and sleep during the night. They have a complex social life with a hierarchical structure that can vary from one clan to another. Baboons communicate with each other using a variety of vocalizations, facial expressions and body postures.

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4. Baboons – The Whole Story 11/13 – Go Wild

The amazing baboon has spread far and wide across the continent of Africa. From lush rainforests to mountainous regions, these versatile primates have found a way to make themselves at home in many diverse habitats. As long as there is food, water, and safe shelter for the night, these monkeys can thrive anywhere they go. With their remarkable success in conquering so much of the continent, baboons are among the most successful, widespread and varied monkey species. For those wanting to learn more about these remarkable animals, there is a wealth of documentaries out there that will amaze you with their captivating stories.


5. Monkey Hunters (Baboons Vs Lions Documentary)

In the vast expanse of the African savannah, it is almost unheard of to see lions hunting baboons. These large primates are defensive and agile, making them regrettably difficult to catch– not worth the effort for a lion. While most predators would pass them by, in Great Rift Valley these cunning monkeys have encountered their match. Lions here have mastered the art of hunting baboons, using their cunning and guile to track down these formidable primates. This unique behavior has been observed only in this corner of the African continent, making it an ideal spot for documentary makers to record a remarkable sight.


6. BABOONS AND ELEPHANTS of Chobe River *AMAZING* National Geographic Documentary 2020 HD

African elephants are the world’s largest terrestrial species, with males reaching up to 3m in height and weighing over 6 tons. It takes 35-40 years for them to reach their full size, which is more than half of their life expectancy that reaches 60-70 years. Even baby elephants at birth can weigh a staggering 120kg – roughly 19 stone! As if that weren’t enough, their sheer size doesn’t get in the way of them being gentle giants. They are known for their intelligence and deep family bonds, as well as their ability to communicate with each other over long distances – thanks to heard infrasound!


7. Living With Baboons: The Town in South Africa Where Monkeys Rule

When a troop of baboons takes up residence in your neighbourhood, it can feel like an invasion. From raiding the rubbish bins to stealing food from unsuspecting humans, these primates know how to cause trouble. But what is really happening in this seemingly hostile situation? At first glance, it may seem as if baboons are trying to take over the town. However, upon closer examination of their behaviour and habits, it is clear that the monkeys are simply trying to survive. They have no other way to obtain food and water than by scavenging in human-inhabited areas. In order to protect both the town’s citizens and its baboon population, documentary filmmakers have taken up the challenge of recording this unique dynamic between humans and animals. Through interviews, first-person accounts, and observational footage, the best documentaries about baboons offer insight into the often complicated relationship between people and their primate neighbours.


8. Baboons, Peaceful Primates – Nature 2018 HD Documentary.

Kasanka National Park in Zambia may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of baboons, but it’s extraordinary species are worth investigating. Located in a lush region between central Zambia and the North-Western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this park is home to thousands of baboons. Believed to be descended from savanna and forest varieties, these baboons can be seen from the park’s many trails and observation posts. This unique breed of baboon has adapted to its environment over time, becoming an expert forager that navigates through the tangled vegetation with ease. They are also well known to exhibit a variety of behaviors including raiding crops in nearby villages, displaying playful activities with their young, and even being the subject of research by scientists from all over the world.



The fight against baboons has been a long and painful one. Even though humans have seemingly gained the upper hand in this conflict, it’s not something to be celebrated. Instead, it should serve as a reminder of how fragile our planet is – and how easily we can disrupt its delicate balance. This struggle between man and baboon is explored in great detail in some of the best documentaries about these primates. Through engaging and informative storytelling, we learn more about their behavior, social structure, and the struggles they face in a world that is growing ever smaller. From up-close looks at wild baboon troops to interviews with experts on conservation efforts, these films give us an invaluable insight into one of Africa’s most fascinating creatures.


10. Baboons of Tanzania | Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

Deep in the heart of America, something special is happening. Conservationists, researchers, and advocates have come together to protect our wild spaces and their inhabitants. Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Protecting the Wild shines a light on these unique stories of success for all to see. From California to Florida, we explore the plight of baboons across the U.S., meeting the people who are working hard to protect these special animals and their natural habitats. Join us as we journey with baboons on their road to recovery, celebrating the heroes in all of us. Together, we can make a difference!

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