The 6 Best Documentaries About 3M

Dec 25, 2023 | Best Of, Business

Are you curious about 3M’s journey to become one of the world’s most renowned companies? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 6 remarkable documentaries that take an in-depth look into the history and operations of this Fortune 500 stalwart. From its humble beginnings as a Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company to its current status as a global leader, these documentaries will inspire you to achieve greatness. Get ready to learn about the fascinating history and impressive accomplishments of 3M!


1. The Toxic Legacy of 3M’s ‘Forever Chemicals’

The Antwerp tunnel project has uncovered a disturbing truth: toxins in the environment and people near 3M’s factory are at an unprecedented high. After acknowledging this, the company vowed to stop producing or using so-called “forever chemicals” – however, for those who already suffer the consequences of chemical exposure, it may be too late.


2. 3M Company History and Success Story

3M Company is a world-renowned American conglomerate that has been creating and innovating for more than a century. Founded in 1902 by five businessmen, the company started out specializing in mining and milling before transitioning to sandpaper production and other products. It was during the early 1920s when they achieved their first major success with Scotch Tape, followed shortly thereafter by Post-it Notes.


3. How 3M Poisoned the World

It was an environmental disaster that shook the world. In October of 2002, 3M Corporation released a chemical known as perfluorochemicals (PFCs) into the environment. The PFCs were used in products such as non-stick cookware, cleaning agents, and even firefighting foam. However, what 3M didn’t realize at the time was that this release of PFCs would have disastrous consequences.


4. The END of 3M Stock?

3M is a company with a long history of success, paying dividends to its shareholders uninterrupted for over 100 years and increasing the dividend each year. Currently, however, 3M has put itself in a tricky situation due to an impending lawsuit from military personnel concerning combat earplugs. This could cost the company billions of dollars in expenses; some estimates range up to $100 billion.


5. 3M – Bigger Than You Know

From a little-known startup to one of the 30 companies that make up the Dow, 3M’s success story is remarkable. What started as a small business has grown into an international powerhouse with over $30 billion in annual sales. It’s no wonder why so many people are unaware of their accomplishments and reach.


6. 3M CEO Inge Thulin: Secrets To Relevance

Inge Thulin, CEO of 3M, has been leading the company forward with creative new strategies. Through interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, this documentary examines how 3M continues to remain relevant and innovative in a world where technology is rapidly changing.

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