The Best Documentaries About Monkeys

Jul 19, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Do you ever wonder why monkeys are so beloved around the world? It’s because they’re incredibly intelligent creatures that have been with us for millions of years. But despite their long history, there is still much to learn about these fascinating primates. If you’re looking to get a better understanding of our primate friends, then here are 12 documentaries that offer an in-depth look into their lives and habits. From learning about their social behavior to witnessing how they interact with humans, these movies will show you just how special monkeys really are!


Monkeys of Bioko (2019)

Nestled on the western fringes of Africa, lies a mysterious island – Bioko. A place where lush green forests stretch for miles and rare creatures roam free. Among these elusive inhabitants, resides one of the world’s most unique primates – the drill.






Monkey Mayhem (2020)

Venturing through the canopy of our primate family tree, one can’t help but be captured by the wide variety and fascinating behavior of these creatures. From the clever capuchin monkeys to the mighty gorillas, each species has its own unique qualities that make them both relatable and intriguing.






Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La (1982)

In the remote forests of Yunnan, a family of snub-nosed monkeys thrives in the face of extreme challenges. These elusive creatures, known for their hauntingly beautiful appearance and gentle nature, have adapted to survive in one of the harshest environments on Earth – the Himalayas.






Snow Monkeys (2014)

Nestled in the frosty mountains of Japan’s Shiga Highlands, a band of snow monkeys thrive in their dynamic community. Led by an esteemed alpha and nurtured by devoted families, these intelligent primates navigate a world filled with hierarchies and traditions. As they venture out into the unknown, this resilient troop is prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.






A Life Among Monkeys (2019)

Come along on an incredible 50-year journey with Dr. Wolfgang Dittus as he studies the toque macaques of Sri Lanka.






Monkey Island (2019)

The lush forests of Sri Lanka are home to a diverse array of wildlife, including the playful and mischievous monkeys.




Monkey Kingdom (2015)

In the dense, humid jungle of South Asia, a newborn monkey clings tightly to its mother’s chest. The tiny creature is barely a few hours old, yet it must quickly learn to adapt to the harsh realities of life in the wild.







The 12 Best Free Documentaries About Monkeys


1. The Last Silverback Mountain Gorillas

In Rwanda’s Virunga national park, the last of the silverback mountain gorillas are fighting for their lives. Dr. Mike Cranfield and his team of gorilla doctors are doing all they can to protect these endangered primates. From check-ups to giving medicine and even performing operations, this documentary shows what it takes to help keep a species alive! Join us on an incredible journey into the heart of Africa as we witness first-hand how dedicated conservationists are working hard to save one of nature’s most majestic creatures.


2. Valley Of The Golden Baboons

Take an epic journey to one of Africa’s last true wildernesses, the Luangwa Valley. Here you’ll discover a land filled with animal drama and meet the king of golden baboons. Marvel at this incredible story as our cameras capture every moment in stunning detail! Immerse yourself in this remarkable world and witness first-hand the thrilling adventures that await.


3. Wildlife Monkey: Shangri-La Monkeys

Witness the rarely seen nub-nosed monkey, also known as the snub-nosed monkey. This unique species of Old World Monkeys is spread throughout parts of Asia such as China, Vietnam and Myanmar. Get up close to these primates with their stubby noses on round faces and nostrils forward! Explore the long fur that grows up to 83 cm at their shoulders and backs. Follow them further into the wild as they extend their tails up to 55 cm in length. Join us on a journey through Shangri-La Monkey’s documentary for an insight into this mysterious species!


4. The Life Of A Monkey Family

This video is an amazing story of a wild monkey family in South America. Follow the three monkeys as they raise their children and learn to survive in the wild. Witness how they adapt to their surroundings and form close bonds with each other, all while struggling to make it through life’s challenges! This documentary will take you on a journey that will leave you with an appreciation for nature and its inhabitants.


5. The Secret Culture of the Apes

We journey into the forests of Uganda with primatologists to explore the similarities between man and ape. Through a range of field experiments, we set out to answer the question: Can one foreign cultural feature be implemented within a group of chimpanzees? We take an in-depth look at recent studies that have found that chimpanzees pass on their knowledge and skills to other members, forming parallels with humans. Together with Jane Goodall who prompted scientific breakthroughs in the 1960’s, this documentary reveals The Secret Culture of Apes!


6. Forest of the Golden Monkey

Explore the remote forests of Central China and meet its most affectionate and vocal monkey species – the Golden snub-nosed Monkey. Follow a baby Golden snub-nosed monkey during her first year of life as she learns about her forest home, battles against different elements to survive, and develops an amazing bond with its family. Join us on this journey in the Forest of the Golden Monkey!


7. Best Monkey Moments

Monkeys are some of the most entertaining animals in the world. From their funny faces to their playful behaviors, these primates never fail to put a smile on our faces! This video showcases some of the best moments from different species of monkeys around the world. Watch and enjoy as we explore all the amazing things that make these creatures so special!


8. Following The Lives Of The Rare Spider Monkey Group In Amazonia

This documentary takes you deep into the Amazonia to follow an incredibly rare group of spider monkeys. It’s a fascinating look at their intricate social structure and how it has never been captured on film in such detail before. Get ready for an up-close journey as we explore these monkey’s lives in the wild! Be prepared to be amazed by what you will uncover about this rarely seen species.


9. The Macaque Keeper – Heading into the Mountains

Join us on an incredible journey, as we follow a Macaque keeper deep into the mountains. Watch as he navigates his way through thick forests and over rocky terrain to get to his destination. Learn about the unique relationship between humans and primates in this amazing documentary! Discover how these creatures are cared for by their keepers, and what life is like living amongst them in nature’s wildest places.


10. Baby Monkeys Fighting For Survival – Vervet Forest

The Vervet Forest is a wildlife documentary with an incredible story to tell. Join us as we follow the lives of orphaned and injured vervet monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. Witness their struggles and triumphs as they fight for survival, relying on foster monkey moms to help them become part of a troop once again. This channel is perfect for lovers of nature and all things wild, giving you an insight into how these amazing creatures live their lives in the wild – just like they should!


11. Saving Mini: Inside the global network torturing baby monkeys

Do you want to know what happens when a baby monkey is taken away from its mother and sold to an online YouTuber? Mini’s story is one of the most heartbreaking cases of animal abuse that has ever been exposed. BBC Eye went undercover in Indonesia, the US, and the UK to uncover those responsible for torturing Mini and other animals. Watch this heart-wrenching video as we show how BBC Eye uncovered this global network of cruelty and found Mini.


12. Vervet Monkey Troupe Erupts Into Civil War

The Pani Troop of vervet monkeys have had a tumultuous year, with the borders of their beloved Mount Edgecombe breached. Now, deep internal conflict has erupted within the troop over mating rights and dominance. Who will come out on top? Watch this documentary to find out as we delve into the heart of their civil war and discover who will win in this fight for power!

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