The 9 Best Documentaries About Monster

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If you’re looking for thrills, chills, and a deep dive into the unknown, then look no further than these 9 documentaries about monsters. From sea creatures to mythical beasts, these gripping documentaries will take you on an exciting journey through some of the scariest creatures in human history. We’ve collected the best monster documentaries out there that will leave you feeling a little uneasy and questioning what else is out there in the dark. So pull up a chair, turn off the lights, and get ready to explore some of the most mysterious creatures on Earth!

1. Real Life Monsters and Ghosts On Earth | Documentary Central

Are you ready to explore the unknown? From Jersey Devils and Lizard Men to Bigfoot and Ghosts, we will take a deep dive into creatures of legend that have been part of human history for centuries. Uncover reports from eyewitnesses of these creatures who validate their existence in our world. Delve into the stories behind Lake Monsters, Mothmen, Flying Humanoids, Phantom Demons and Dark Spirits. Listen to accounts of Apparitions that evoke feelings of fear, mystery and awe. Journey with us as we lift the veil between myth and reality and explore a world of monsters unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


2. Monsters (Documentary)

Are you looking for a spine-tingling sensation? Then look no further than the monstrous documentaries featured on DNBD. From classic horror films to modern creature features, these documentaries tell stories of creatures that go bump in the night and have been captivating audiences since movies were first invented. Our selection includes tales of vampires, witches, and werewolves, as well as the more subtle creatures of the night. Get ready to be scared! Our monster documentaries feature some of the best creature creators in the world. We have exciting stories about Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, zombies, and even mythological monsters like Medusa and Cerberus. Our experts share their stories of how they brought these creatures to life on the big screen, and answer questions about how special effects are used to create monsters that seem so real.


3. Bigfoot at the Border | Mysteries & Monsters (New Sasquatch Evidence Documentary)

Elusive and mysterious, Sasquatch has captivated imaginations across the globe for centuries. DNBD dives into reports from San Diego County in an exploration of whether these elusive creatures could be inhabiting Southern California. From eyewitness accounts to scat evidence, viewers follow Eli Watson as they examine every potential lead with a critical eye in hopes of uncovering the truth. With first-hand accounts and evidence rarely seen before, DNBD is an unmissable documentary for any creature enthusiast. Join the hunt to uncover if Sasquatch really exists in Southern California! What mysteries will be revealed? Tune in now to find out.


4. History’s Mysteries – Bigfoot And Other Monsters (History Channel Documentary)

Do you believe in legendary creatures? Are they merely a figment of our imagination, or could some of these mythical monsters actually be real? DNBD takes an investigative dive into the mysteries and myths to answer this question. We explore every possibility for the existence of dragons, giant squids, Abominable Snowmen and mermaids. When local legends are born out to be true, such as in the case of the Komodo Dragon, we trace the creature’s history and habits. Our team of experts will also discover evidence for the reality of giant squids that have been known to measure up to 100 feet in length. By studying each possible explanation, we hope to uncover if these legendary creatures are more than just a myth. Join usand find out if some mythical monsters might exist.


5. There’s Something in the Woods – Sasquatch Unearthed: Mountain State Monsters (Bigfoot Documentary)

In Wineberry, West Virginia, Beth Duncan is on the cusp of experiencing something extraordinary. What lies beyond her boundaries is a strange phenomenon that will test our knowledge about Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures. Around her property outside the mountain state, mysterious lights flicker in the night sky and ghostly figures appear. Reports of growling entities with no discernible form have been heard and Beth is determined to get to the bottom of it. Could these occurrences be related to a family group of Sasquatch living in the area? Or are there more unidentified creatures lurking in the shadows? Whatever secrets Wineberry may hold, Beth is determined to uncover them and take us on an extraordinary journey into the unknown.


6. Unbelievable Ancient Sea Monsters of The Mesozoic Era: Dinosaur Documentary

Descend to the depths of any ocean today and you may be lucky enough to spot a reptile. Although sea turtles, lizards, and snakes are occasionally sighted near shorelines, catching a glimpse of a truly marine reptile is incredibly rare these days. In sharp contrast, during the Mesozoic Era – when dinosaurs ruled the land – the oceans were teeming with incredible creatures unlike anything you see today. From giant leatherbacks to hawksbills, to sea snakes and crocodilians, the ocean was home to a variety of remarkable reptiles. The best documentaries about these ancient monsters offer a unique look into this prehistoric era, shedding light on the depths of the oceans during this time. With vivid imagery and in-depth narration, these documentaries provide an incredible insight into the world of these creatures. Dive into a journey deep below the surface and explore what lies beneath – you won’t regret it! Get ready to experience some of nature’s most extraordinary inhabitants, in all their prehistoric glory.


7. The Nature of Monster Hunter – Small Monsters

For centuries, mankind has been intrigued by the mysterious creatures that traverse our lands. From tales of werewolves to sightings of Bigfoot, we have always been fascinated with these monsters that seem to exist outside of our reality. But what if there was a way for us to explore their world and get a better understanding of them? Welcome to the world of Monster Hunter, a documentary series that takes viewers on an epic journey into the unknown. Through interviews with experts and eye-witness accounts from around the globe, this award-winning documentary reveals the secrets behind these creatures and their habitats. From discovering why they exist in remote areas, to uncovering their unique behavior patterns, Monster Hunter dives deep into the world of cryptozoology to uncover the truth behind these mysterious monsters.


8. Top Documentary – Ancient Sea Creatures – Ocean Monsters

Discover the mysterious and fascinating creatures of the deep blue sea in Ancient Sea Creatures – Ocean Monsters. This eye-opening documentary takes viewers on an underwater exploration like never before, diving deep into unknown realms to uncover secrets that have been hidden since prehistoric times. From giant prehistoric sharks to otherworldly jellyfish, experience these incredible ancient ocean dwellers from up close! Learn more about their habits, diet, and other fascinating facts that will take you on a journey into the unknown. Uncover the depths of these majestic creatures as you discover more about what lurks beneath the waves. Ancient Sea Creatures – Ocean Monsters is a must-watch for anyone curious about our planet’s vast underwater world and its hidden inhabitants. Prepare to be amazed!


9. Universal Monsters Documentary: The Mummy.

This documentary series takes viewers deep into the mysterious world of monsters, uncovering their origin stories and exploring how they have impacted human history. From Mummies to Bigfoot, this series will take a journey through time and space to unearth these creatures and explore what makes them so unique. Along the way, viewers will learn about the various legends associated with them and reflect on how these monsters have captured our imaginations. Through interviews with experts and eyewitnesses, this series will shed light on some of the most mysterious creatures in existence – all while providing a thrilling adventure for viewers. Step into the unknown and experience DNBD: Unraveling the Mysteries of Monsters!


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