The 10 Best Documentaries About Witches

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The mysterious concept of witches has captivated the minds of many for centuries. From their wicked haggard faces to their pointy hats and boiling cauldrons, these evil beings have been embedded in our culture since early Christians persecuted them across Europe. But what are the true stories behind witches?Pop culture often portrays them as three charmed sisters fighting against an evil force, a teenage girl learning to control her powers, or a mild-mannered housewife from suburbia. However, there is still much to uncover about witch history and its dark mysteries. To get a deeper understanding into this topic, here are seven of the best documentaries about witches and witchcraft that will surely leave you spellbound!

Witchcraft and Magic: Witchcraft (2004)

Are you ready to delve into the realm of Witchcraft and Magic? Join Patrick Macnee, known for his iconic role on BBC’s The Avengers, as he uncovers the secrets and mysteries behind these ancient practices. From witches casting spells to vampires roaming the night, this documentary will take you on a thrilling journey through the supernatural world.





The Witch of Kings Cross (2021)

Experience the untold story of one of Australia’s most controversial and enigmatic figures in “The Witch of Kings Cross.” Delve into the world of Rosaleen Norton, a bohemian artist who challenged societal norms and shook up 1950s Sydney with her provocative artwork and unconventional beliefs. Drawing inspiration from famed occultist Aleister Crowley, Norton’s pantheistic vision of witchcraft and sexual liberation raised eyebrows and sparked scandals among the elite.




Secrets of the Occult (2023)

Discover the hidden secrets and untold stories that have been woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. Join Richard B. Spence, a renowned Professor Emeritus, on a journey through time as he unravels the mysteries of the occult that span across centuries.



Women of the Occult (2008)

Experience the unknown with three unique women as they share their journey through the spiritual world. Heather embraces her identity as a Satanist, while Yvonne found solace in Wicca after years of practicing Buddhism. And then there’s Vampyra, whose life as a vampire will leave you both captivated and curious. Join us on this eye-opening documentary as we delve into their daily routines, witness their powerful rituals and uncover their hopes for the future.






The Best Free Witchcraft Documentaries


1. Salems Witch Trial Witchcraft & Witch hunt

The Salem Witch Trials Documentary is one of the most powerful documentaries about witches and witchcraft. It follows the story of Rebecca Nurse, a woman accused of practicing witchcraft in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts. Through vivid dramatizations, this documentary brings to life the devastating events that occurred. By exploring both sides of the courtroom drama with vivid detail, viewers will gain an understanding of what happened during this period in history. This film is a must-watch for those interested in learning more about witch trials and their impact on our society today.


2. Salem Witch Trial Documentary

The documentary is based on the same events, but it gives more insight into the Salem witchcraft trials. It uses a combination of good narration and atmospheric visuals to explore what really happened in this Salem witch trial. Not only does it focus on what may have caused the hysteria, but it also follows those accused of being witches through their struggles for justice that lasted over 300 years after the infamous witch trials.


3. Witchcraft: The Truth Behind The World’s Fastest Growing Religion

If you’re more interested in the history and anthropology of witchcraft, “Magical Women: Witches Now” is worth watching. It takes a look at modern witches from different countries around the world. You’ll learn how they practice their craft today, as well as how it has evolved over time. The documentary also follows some of the women who use witching to talk about causes like human rights, environmentalism, and feminism.


4. The Trials Of The Pendle Witches

This witch-hunt feature film dives into a dark chapter from colonial America. It follows Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) as her family moves to New England in search of newfound freedom but quickly find themselves in the middle of a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse between their faith and predators who claim that they are worshipping


5. The History of Witches

The Craft: Legacy is a more lighthearted and modern take on witch documentaries. This documentary follows four teenage girls, each of whom has her own unique powers. But when they join forces to pursue their wildest dreams, they must learn how to use their magic wisely. The Craft: Legacy celebrates the power of friendship while emphasizing the importance of using magical abilities responsibly.


6. The Witches’ Brew

The series delves into the history of these plants and their use in ancient cultures, as well as exploring how the plants have been used by modern witches for medicinal, spiritual or magical purposes. It also looks at the legal implications of their procurement and use, along with an exploration into how they fit into the lives of people who practice witchcraft today.


7. 1/2 The Art of Witchcraft

By uncovering centuries-old stories and exploring contemporary interpretations of witch craft, this documentary shows the beauty and power of the mystic. It’s a journey of exploration that will leave you spellbound and inspired. Follow Lachlan as he discovers the timeless connection between witches and art and be captivated by his passion for uncovering the mysteries of this long-hidden world. This is an essential watch for anyone interested in learning more about witch craft and its powerful influence on artists through history.


8. Why Witch Hunts are not just a Dark Chapter from the Past

Witches have been a part of literature and film for centuries, but not all portrayals are accurate. In this documentary, we explore the truth behind witch hunts from the 15th century to present-day Africa and Asia. DW-reporter Karin Helmstaedt digs through archives in Southern Germany and speaks with experts on why being labeled as a witch can still be deadly today. We take an in-depth look at how these dark chapters from our past still shape our present day beliefs about witchcraft. Join us on this journey into uncovering the real story of witches!


9. The Common Misconceptions Around Witchcraft: Season of the Witch

Witches have been shrouded in mystery and misconception for centuries, but who are they really? In this documentary, a group of self-proclaimed witches come together to discuss the truth behind witchcraft. Learn about its origins in global religions, as well as the particulars of the Salem Witch Trials. Get an inside look at one of history’s oldest and most misunderstood practices with Season of the Witch!


10. Deadly superstitions : Nigeria’s Witch Children

Every year, thousands of children are accused of being witches and face neglect, physical harm, and even murder. In Akwa Ibom, Nigeria this is a common occurrence due to superstitious beliefs perpetuated by Christian churches and self-proclaimed healers who make money off strange exorcism rituals. David Umen and Anja Lovén have made it their mission to fight this witch craze by giving the young victims a new home. However, these boys and girls struggle to cope with the trauma caused by their own parents’ abuse and abandonment. This documentary explores the heartbreaking consequences of deadly superstitions in Nigeria’s Witch Children.


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