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Are you curious about the mysterious and dark side of religion? Do you want to know more about exorcisms, possession, and supernatural beings? Then look no further! This article will tell you all you need to know about some of the best documentaries about exorcisms. From gripping real-life stories to shocking accounts from around the globe, these films capture all sides of this fascinating and controversial topic. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, these documentaries will give you an unforgettable glimpse into the mysterious world of exorcism. Keep reading to learn more and discover which documentary is right for you!


Return of the Exorcists (1975)

Discover the unrelenting battle between good and demonic evil in this riveting documentary. With the guidance of Father Francis Tiso, a renowned theology professor, witness spine-chilling possessions and bone-chilling exorcisms from some of Italy’s top exorcists.






The Exorcism Prayer (2019)

Discover the ancient practice of exorcism, where spiritual forces collide and battle for control. “The Exorcism Prayer” peels back the veil on this mysterious and terrifying ritual, revealing true stories that will leave you questioning reality.






The Exorcism of Roland Doe (2021)

Discover the truth behind one of the most infamous horror films in history. Uncover newly revealed evidence about the real-life exorcism that inspired The Exorcist, a terrifying event that shook the world over 40 years ago.




The Exorcist File: Haunted Boy (2023)

Discover the terrifying truth that inspired one of the most iconic horror stories in history. Join us on a journey to the depths of darkness as we delve into the real-life events that took place during the making of “The Exorcist”. Uncover the shocking secrets surrounding a chilling diary found within the walls of a haunted asylum.







The Best Free Exorcism Documentaries


1. The Dark Underbelly of Catholic Exorcism

The Catholic Church has long had a deep interest in exorcism, and this documentary delves into the darker side of its practice. Explore the stories of people whose lives have been affected by these acts of spiritual warfare, from those who have experienced it firsthand to experts in the field. Hear accounts of extreme cases as well as everyday struggles with demonic forces that are often overlooked. Discover the lengths that priests go to in order to perform successful exorcisms, and learn about the risks involved with the practice. Examine how these controversial rites affect both individuals and communities, as well as how they impact issues such as mental health. Along the way,


2. The Exorcist Claiming To Cure The Sick Of Their Demons

The Exorcist: A man claiming to heal the afflicted of their demons. This documentary follows one such exorcist as he travels around the world, looking for people who need his help in battling supernatural evil. Through interviews with those affected, and examinations of ancient rituals and texts, this film explores what it means to be possessed by a spirit or demon in the 21st century. It looks at the psychology, sociology and theology of exorcism, asking how people can be liberated from a power that is beyond their control. What is the efficacy of such rituals on modern society? Are those who practice them deluding themselves


3. The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism is one of the most comprehensive and intriguing documentaries about exorcism. This documentary offers an in-depth look into the world of demonology, including interviews with experts in this field from all around the world. Through these conversations, viewers get to understand what a real exorcism looks like and how to properly perform one. Additionally, interviews allow us to gain insight into the spiritual and mental experiences of those who have gone through an exorcism. This documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in exploring the world of demonology, offering a unique perspective


4. Exorcism in Islam – Demons, devils, and supernatural encounters

Exorcism in Islam is an intriguing topic, as it deals with supernatural forces and the battle between good and evil. Muslims believe that demons, devils, and jin are real entities that can harm humans through possession or influence. Exorcism plays an important role in Islamic culture; Muslim exorcists perform rituals to remove or neutralize these powerful spiritual entities. The documentary “Demons, Devils, and Supernatural Encounters” sheds light on this little-known topic. It follows Muslim exorcists as they perform their rituals and interviews spiritual experts who explain the Islamic approach to exorcism. This documentary offers a fascinating look at how Muslims view and deal with supernatural forces.


5. 5 Horrific Exorcisms & Demonic Possessions

Exorcism has long been a practice shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It’s no wonder, then, that the topic of demonic possession has captivated audiences for years. From iconic horror films to documentaries exploring real cases, there are plenty of stories out there about exorcisms and possessions. Here is our list of some of the most horrific exorcisms and possessions over the years. The case of Anneliese Michel is one of the most renowned, and heartbreaking, real-life cases of demonic possession. The young German woman began displaying signs of mental illness in her teenage years but refused to accept any medical treatments.


6. The Exorcist: The True Story

One of the most renowned documentaries about exorcism is The Exorcist: The True Story. It provides an in-depth look at the famous case of Roland Doe, a 14 year old boy whose family believed to be possessed by demonic forces. Through interviews with those involved in the case and access to never before seen footage from the actual exorcism, viewers are offered an unprecedented look into a landmark case. It provides insight into the history of exorcism and the power of faith in overcoming evil. With its gripping storytelling, this documentary offers viewers an intimate view of one of the most remarkable cases ever documented.


7. Michael & The Exorcist

The tale of Michael and the Exorcist is one that has been told throughout time. It’s a story about a young man who finds himself in a struggle with evil forces, but ultimately triumphs due to help from an unlikely source – an exorcist. This documentary follows the journey of Michael as he works his way through the terrifying ordeal of possession and demonic influence. From his first terrifying encounter with the force of evil to his eventual recovery and freedom, Michael and the Exorcist provides an unforgettable journey into a world of horror and faith. Along the way, we meet fascinating people who tell their stories about exorcism


8. The Exorcism Of Anneliese Michel

One of the most discussed and popular documentaries about exorcism is The Exorcism Of Anneliese Michel. This documentary, released in 2006, examines the horrific ordeal of a German woman named Anneliese Michel who underwent an exorcism during the 1970s. It also looks at how this tragic event has shaped modern-day ideas about possession and mental illness. The film paints a harrowing portrait of Anneliese’s experience with the Catholic Church and her disturbing descent into madness as her exorcism ritual continued over the course of months. While the church argued that she was possessed by demons


9. The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund

The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund is a landmark documentary in the history of exorcisms. It chronicles the incredible story of an Irish-American woman, Anna Ecklund, and her extraordinary struggle against demonic possession. The film follows Anna’s journey as she seeks relief from the horrific affliction which has plagued her since childhood. Throughout her ordeal, she remains steadfast in her faith, and relies on the spiritual guidance of priests to help her fight against the unseen forces that are trying to claim her soul.


10.The Last Vampire Hunter: The Horrifying Exorcism of a Strigoi

Those brave enough to venture forth into the unknown are rewarded with a rare glimpse of the supernatural. The Last Vampire Hunter is an intriguing documentary that follows one man’s mission to rid the world of evil spirits by exorcising Strigoi – a type of vampire-like creature native to Romania. The movie takes us on a journey deep into the heart of Transylvania, where we witness firsthand the dark powers of vampiric possession. We accompany the hunter as he ventures into a series of haunted houses and ancient crypts in search of these malevolent creatures, and through a series of rituals and prayers, banishes them back


11. Terrifying Truth: Possessions and Exorcisms are Real

Believe it or not, possessions and exorcisms are real. While they may seem like the stuff of horror movies, there have been documented cases of demonic possession around the world for centuries. Exorcism has been practiced as a religious ritual since ancient times and is still practiced today. The Best Documentaries About Exorcism explore these phenomena in depth, looking at the history, science and religious context surrounding them. From interviews with exorcists and victims to rare footage of actual possession ceremonies, these documentaries delve into a world that few have dared to explore. Viewers will gain insight into why people.


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