The 10 Best Documentaries About Lizards

Dec 16, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Do you love lizards? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the incredible creatures slithering around our world? Then these documentaries on lizards are just for you! From dreamy geckos in Australia to regal iguanas in Mexico, we’ve scoured the globe and collected some of the best movies about lizards. Get ready for an adventure as you explore the lives of these curious creatures. So grab your popcorn and join us as we uncover the beauty and mystery of lizards around the world. Discover some unique species of lizards in this breathtakingly beautiful documentary series, Geckos: The Tiniest Dragons.


1. The Strange World Of Lizards (Wildlife Documentary) | Wild About

Explore the strange and wonderful world of lizards with us! From geckos to iguanas, we investigate their unique and impressive adaptations, behavior, and habitats. Take a look at how these creatures have evolved over thousands of years to become what they are today. Witness their secret lives in action and understand why they are essential parts of our planet’s delicate ecosystem. Join us as we take you on a journey deep into the unknown world of lizards!


2. The King Of Lizards | The Komodo Dragon | 1000 Days For The Planet

Experience the awe and power of the Komodo dragon, one of nature’s most glorious predators. Embark on a 1000 day expedition to Komodo Island – home to these impressive lizards! Watch as they move through their remarkable habitat and discover how they hunt, survive and even reproduce. A captivating journey into the world of Komodo dragons awaits! Be mesmerized by the beauty and power of nature as you witness the Komodo dragons prowling their domain. From its razor sharp claws to its powerful jaws, explore this ancient creature’s fascinating adaptations that have allowed it to become one of nature’s most successful survivors.


3. Lizards – Wild About 10/13

For hundreds of millions of years, lizards have been living on this planet, surviving through countless natural disasters and mass extinctions. They are some of the oldest animals we know today – an incredible feat for a species that has managed to exist in their current form for so long. If you want to learn more about these remarkable creatures, below is a list of 10 documentaries that can help you do just that. From examining their behavior and habitats to relating scientific evidence, these films will give viewers an inside look at the fascinating lives of lizards.


4. 10 Foot Lizards: The Most Diverse Reptile | The Reptiles

Henry Lizardlover takes us on an incredible journey to some of the most diverse reptile habitats around the world. From stunning mountain tops, to deep ocean depths, and from desert landscapes to lush forests – we discover lizards in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We witness giants over 10 feet long, small quicksilver creatures no bigger than a penny, and lizards that fly, bite, lose their tails, have tongues longer than their entire body – even fashion models! Henry’s extensive experience with iguanas has allowed him to bring 39 of them into his home – a feat only accomplished by true lizard lovers.


5. lizards, hiraks of Augrabies WaterFalls – Nature 2018 HD Documentary.

Augrabies is a place that will take your breath away! The incredible power of the Orange River crashing over the Augrabies Falls is truly awe-inspiring. An HD documentary captures this breathtaking landscape and its unique inhabitants, the lizards. If you’re looking for a nature documentary that takes you to a world full of beauty and wonder, then look no further than Augrabies WaterFalls. Follow these ancient creatures as they traverse the rugged terrain of this African river-valley, and discover the harmony of nature that lies within. With breathtaking views, captivating cinematography and a memorable soundtrack, this HD documentary is sure to be an unforgettable experience! Come explore the lizards of Augrabies WaterFalls with us!


6. Flying lizards – A day in the wonderful rainforests of Borneo

Borneo is an extraordinary place, situated at the heart of Maritime Southeast Asia and surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests. It’s one of the world’s largest islands, with a vast array of flora and fauna that make it truly unique. One of the highlights here are the remarkable flying lizards – colourful creatures that leap from tree to tree, and fly through the air with incredible grace and agility. To witness these creatures in action is an unforgettable experience – a glimpse of an exotic animal that not many people ever get to see. A day among Borneo’s rainforests, where flying lizards build their intricate webs of life, is one of the most wonderful experiences nature has to offer.


7. Deadliest Journeys – Cameroon, Birds and Lizards

In Cameroon, venturing out of the city or traveling from one remote village to another can be a treacherous journey. Roads are rough and unpaved, making it a tough ride for even the most experienced driver. As such, many people rely on Clandos taxis to get around as they have no other choice. But the vehicles aren’t only carrying human passengers – there’s a plethora of bird and lizard species hitching rides too! From colourful parrots to harmless chameleons, these exotic creatures can be seen peeking out of car windows or darting across the dirt tracks. It’s an incredible sight that very few people ever get to witness firsthand.

8. World’s Biggest Lizards Nature Documentary

Gigantic, Mysterious Lizards of the Natural WorldExplore a world of unusual and mysterious creatures with this eye-opening documentary. Witness the gargantuan size and incredible diversity among lizards as they navigate their lush natural habitats. From Komodo dragons to Gila monsters, discover the beauty of these prehistoric survivors and learn how they have evolved in remarkable ways. Combining stunning visuals with insightful facts, this documentary will captivate and educate viewers of all ages. Don’t miss your chance to explore the mysteries of these wonderful reptiles!

9. Documentary on turtles – sea elephants – lizards and birds.

Turtles, sea elephants, lizards and birds are some of the most fascinating creatures on our planet. From their unique physical characteristics to their behavior, they can captivate us for hours. A documentary on these creatures is a great way to learn more about them, and explore their natural habitats. Whether it is an in-depth look at the incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands, or a glimpse into the mysterious environment of jungles and deserts around the world, these documentaries provide a wealth of information about reptiles, amphibians and birds. With beautiful visuals and rarely seen footage, these films offer audiences an unforgettable experience.

10. Documentary films Documentary 2017 – Massive Lizards – Giant Komodo Dragons (Nature Documentary)

If you’re looking for a fascinating and educational documentary about the creatures that roam our planet, then look no further than Massive Lizards – Giant Komodo Dragons. This nature documentary showcases the immense variation in the world of lizards, from the majestic Komodo Dragons to some of the smaller species such as geckos. With breathtaking cinematography and insightful interviews with experts on the subject, this documentary offers a unique look into the lives of these fascinating creatures. You’ll learn about their habits and habitats, as well as their role in our environment.

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