The 9 Best Documentaries About The Maasai Tribe

Oct 25, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

This is the perfect documentary to discover a unique culture. If you’re looking for an amazing story, this film is it! It follows the life of a young Maasai woman trying to make her way in the world while also living within her tribe’s traditional values and beliefs. The journey is full of highs and lows as she navigates the challenges of Maasai life while also aspiring to become a leader in her community. The film captures the beauty and struggles of traditional Maasai culture while exploring how tradition can both foster growth and hinder progress. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring story or a deep dive into African culture.


1. The White Maasai Warrior

The great Maasai tribe is one of the last untamed warrior cultures in the world. For centuries they have maintained their traditions and way of life, living free from civilization until now. A courageous outsider was given a rare opportunity to experience life within this unique culture and learn all about it. This first white man ever opened our eyes to a vibrant and mysterious realm that was previously unknown. He revealed a world of fierce warriors, mesmerizing rituals and ongoing struggles that paint an inspiring picture of strength and resilience. Through his stories, we get to witness the Maasai’s remarkable journey from antiquity up until the modern day age.


2. The Masai Women

The East African Maasai tribe has a unique practice in regards to their women’s coming of age. Upon reaching puberty, the females are married off into polygamous families arranged by their parents. The women become integral parts of this new family unit and must take on responsibilities such as housework and herding cattle for their husband.


3. The White Maasai Warrior | Tribal Culture

Enter a world of ancient tribal culture and natural beauty in this captivating documentary about the White Maasai people of Africa. Follow along as we explore the traditional customs, beliefs, and lifestyles of this mysterious society. Learn more about their fascinating and complex relationship with nature.


4. The Maasai Women’s Plight

The Maasai are an indigenous African tribe living in the Rift Valley on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. While their concept of wealth is based largely on the amount of cattle, women and children that a man owns, women have no rights to ownership of their own – instead they must attach themselves to a man for survival.


5. 24 HOURS Living With a Maasai Tribe in KENYA

We were welcomed warmly into the small Laikipia County village by members of the Maasai Tribe. After 24 hours spent living and eating with them, we felt like old friends. We had a unique opportunity to experience their lifestyle and culture up close.


6. Married 4 Men From The Maasai tribe

This is a gripping documentary that tells the story of one woman’s journey through her marriage to four men from the Maasai tribe. The film follows it as she navigates polygamy and tradition, learning about family dynamics and the struggles of balancing multiple relationships. After years of hardship, We finally finds inner peace when she discovers freedom in choosing her own path. Her story is one of courage and resilience, inspiring others to listen to their own hearts in seeking a life that brings them joy and contentment. From navigating cultural conflicts to embracing her own identity, this film celebrates the power of living with courage and conviction.


7. Masai Mara | The Safari of a LIFETIME

The Maasai Mara is a world-renowned nature reserve located in Kenya, Africa – a paradise for wildlife that offers an unforgettable experience. Home to lions, leopards, elephants, African buffalo and cheetah all living harmoniously in the Rift Valley Province of East Africa; it’s no wonder why conservationists from around the globe make their annual pilgrimage here.


8. Maasai husband and lives in his boma

This is an Italian woman who decided to take a chance on life. She left all her possessions behind and, against the wishes of her family, married a Maasai man. Now she resides in his boma—a traditional homestead composed of mud huts and thorny shrubs—in one of the most remote parts of Africa where very few people dare to venture. The film showcases her journey of courage, fearlessness and love for traditions unlike those she grew up with. It documents her experiences living in a Maasai village where community values such as hard work, resilience, and hospitality remain unchanged over centuries.


9. The Maasai Tribe in Kenya! Tribal Food in East Africa!

I was fortunate enough to experience one of the most unique and heart-warming cultures during my visit to East Africa – The Maasai Tribe. Through the incredible culinary traditions they have, I got an up-close look into their day to day lives and even had the opportunity to share a meal with them!


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