The 12 Best Documentaries About Polygamy

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Polygamy is a highly controversial topic in today’s society, and one that has generated much interest from both those who have experienced it first-hand and those who are just curious about the lifestyle. Polygamy, which literally means “many marriages”, is the practice of having more than one spouse at the same time – typically either polygyny (when a man is married to multiple wives) or polyandry (when a woman is married to multiple husbands). Worldwide, the prevalence of polygamy varies greatly from culture to culture, with countries in West Africa and Central Africa estimated to have some of the highest rates.

For those looking for even more insight into the world of polygamy, documentaries can be an excellent source — providing an in-depth look into the lives of those who practice this lifestyle and offering a unique perspective on the practice. In this blog post, we will be exploring 12 of the best documentaries about polygamy, ranging from perspectives of those who grew up in polygamous families to ex-polygamists who experienced both sides.


Polylove (2019)

PolyLove is a thought-provoking exploration of modern relationships and the growing trend towards non-monogamy. With a shift in societal norms, more and more young individuals are choosing to delay or forgo traditional marriage and monogamy. But this isn’t just a simple change in lifestyle; it requires bravery and honesty to navigate these unconventional paths of love.






Polyamory (2012)

In this captivating new documentary, we dive into the complex and fascinating world of non-monogamous relationships. Join Lindsey and Anthony, a married couple living in Los Angeles, as they navigate the ups and downs of their unconventional love life.




Polygamy, USA (2013)

Centennial Park is a place shrouded in mystery, with its inhabitants keeping their secrets close. But now, for the very first time, we have been granted exclusive access to capture their unique way of life. Join us on this journey as we delve into the world of Centennial Park, revealing its customs, traditions and everyday moments like never before.




Escaping Polygamy (2015)

In the heart of Utah, a group known as the Order holds tight to their polygamist beliefs and way of life. Three sisters, once members of this secretive clan, have now bravely broken free from its grasp. Through their own journeys towards freedom, they have made it their mission to help others find the strength to do the same.




Gloriavale (2014)

In this enlightening series, we delve into the depths of Gloriavale – a secluded society of devout followers living on New Zealand’s remote West Coast. Unadulterated by modern ideals, women willingly submit to men and celebrate each new life as a divine blessing. Witness their unwavering dedication in serving others while awaiting the impending apocalypse.




The Best Free Documentaries About Polygamy

1. My Life With 3 Husbands

A woman with three husbands – how does she manage? What is it like to be in a relationship with three men at the same time? This documentary will explore the unique and extraordinary life of a woman who has successfully navigated this unconventional setup. We’ll hear from her, as well as her partners, about their experiences and what it’s been like for them to make such an arrangement work. We’ll also delve into the impact on their families, friends, and society at large as we uncover this unusual story that happened during 2020.



The polygamist community of Bountiful, Canada has long been shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Warren Jeffs was the leader of this isolated group, but his past convictions have made it difficult for them to leave behind the darker aspects of their lifestyle. In this documentary, we explore the struggles faced by those who have chosen to remain in polygamy as well as those who have left it behind. We will uncover the truth about how spousal abuse is often linked with these practices and hear from people on both sides of this controversial issue in order to gain a better understanding of what life is like inside Bountiful’s polygamist community.


3. Four Wives and One Husband: Polygamy in Iran

In this captivating documentary, viewers are taken on a journey to explore the unique dynamics between four wives and one husband living in an Iranian polygamous household. From humorous moments to heartbreakingly sad ones, this film provides insight into the struggles of these women who must bravely forge ahead together as rivals and business partners against their abusive partner. Through this story of resilience, viewers gain a better understanding of how such circumstances shape relationships within families.


4. The Men With Many Wives

This documentary dives deep into the lives of those who practice polygamy in the UK, despite it being illegal. We get to hear from both men and women involved in such relationships as they share their stories and experiences. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about why people choose to enter these types of unions, what drives them, and how it affects their life. We also gain insight into this contentious issue facing Britain’s Muslim community – a subject which has often been kept hidden away in the shadows. Join us as we take a closer look at The Men With Many Wives!


5. My Six Wives And 29 Children

A documentary delved into the life of an extraordinary 51-year-old Mormon man who has six wives and 29 children. This remarkable individual must now decide whether to take on a seventh wife, but his son’s feelings for her complicate matters even further. The film explored this complex and controversial topic in depth, providing audiences with an insight into polygamy that they would not have gotten elsewhere.


6. The Bigamist Bride: My Five Husbands

Emily Horne’s life story is a complex one, full of mystery and intrigue. At the age of 30 she has been married five times without ever having gotten a divorce – leaving behind her a trail of befuddled husbands and lovers. Her career choices have included both working in porn as well as being an ‘escort’, with even a stint in jail for bigamy thrown into the mix. Her story is certainly one that begs to be heard!


7. Winston Blackmore & polygamy: The Bishop of Bountiful B.C.

Welcome to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a community in Bountiful British Columbia that is home to one of its most prominent citizens – Winston Blackmore. From 2003 Fifth Estate host Hana Gartner comes an exclusive interview with Bishop Blackmore and a rare insight into his life as leader and polygamist. Uncover what it’s like living within this unique society and learn how polygamy has shaped the lives of those involved for generations.


8. Faces of Africa – Polygamous Love

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a culture where having multiple wives and children is seen as an indication of wealth? In this documentary, we explore the unique lives of the people living in Africa who practice polygamy. Get a glimpse into their lives, customs and beliefs as they share their stories of love and family with us.


9. Here’s What This Throuple Wants You to Know About Polyamory

Are you curious about polyamory? Are you interested in learning how a throuple makes it work? In this video, we take an inside look into the lives of Cassie, Dallas and their partner. We explore how they manage jealousy, finances and even sleeping arrangements. This is the only place to get answers to your most pressing questions about polyamory – don’t miss out!


10. Love One Another – Polyamory in Utah

Love One Another is a captivating documentary that explores the lives of nine people in Utah who practice polyamory and non-monogamy. From their unique perspectives, they explain how their relationships work, why they chose to pursue this lifestyle, and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. This film offers an intimate look into these individuals’ stories and provides insight on how love can be expressed in various ways.


11. 16×9 – Inside Bountiful: Polygamy investigation

This is a story about one of Canada’s most controversial communities – Bountiful, BC. Winston Blackmore, the leader of this polygamist community, invites us to see what life is really like in his town. Is he breaking the law or simply practicing his faith? This documentary explores this question and provides an inside look at how people live in Bountiful. Join us as we delve into the mysteries of polygamy and discover if it can coexist with our laws and beliefs.


12. I Was Forced Into Polygamy in Rural Tanzania

Nestled in the shadows of majestic Mount Kilomanjaro lies the small town of Rombo, where a young man’s life was forever changed by an unexpected event. On this day, he took his first steps towards becoming a true Chagga man with more than one wife – a decision that would force him into polygamy and challenge every belief he held about love, hope and community. This is his story: I Was Forced Into Polygamy in Rural Tanzania.

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