The 8 Best Documentaries About FLDS

Aug 6, 2023 | Best Of, Religion

If you’re looking for an exploration into some of the most interesting movements, beliefs, and communities in the world, then look no further than documentaries about FLDS – Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. These films explore a wide range of topics from polygamy to traditional gender roles to religion and culture. From true crime stories to explorations of sub-cultures, these documentaries offer a fascinating look into the lives and beliefs of members of this church. We’ve gathered some of the best documentaries about FLDS to get you started on your journey of discovery. From gripping stories of abuse and faith to inspiring tales of love and family, each one will leave you with an appreciation for the power of religion in society.


Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil (2018)

Warren Jeffs, the infamous religious leader of the FLDS Church, has been a subject of fascination for many years. His reign of control over his followers and shocking actions have captivated audiences worldwide. In 2011, he was finally brought to justice for his crimes of child sexual assault, but not before leaving behind a trail of devastation.






Prisoner of the Prophet (2023)

Briell’s story is a harrowing one, and it is not for the faint of heart. As the 65th wife of infamous FLDS Church leader Prophet Warren Jeffs, she has endured unimaginable hardships and faced unspeakable horrors. In her gripping account, Briell reveals the inner workings of this secretive and oppressive cult, shining a light on its darkest secrets and the devastating impact it has on its followers.



Prophet’s Prey (2015)

The veil of secrecy surrounding Warren Jeffs and the FLDS church is lifted in this eye-opening documentary. Through expert interviews and firsthand accounts, a disturbing portrait of control, manipulation, and abuse emerges. Prepare to be shocked as you delve into the twisted world of a notorious cult leader and his followers’ lives.






Keep Sweet (2022)

Warren Jeffs was a powerful leader in the FLDS community, and his actions have left a lasting impact on those who were part of his religious sect. Through manipulation and coercion, he orchestrated a system of sexual abuse that tore apart families and traumatized innocent victims.





The Best Free Documentaries About FLDS


1. Inside the Disturbing FLDS Polygamist Cults of Warren Jeffs and Samuel Bateman

Rife with scandal, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) has provoked public outcry and discussion over issues such as polygamy, abuse, and other unsavory topics. In Annie Elise’s ’10 to LIFE’, viewers get a glimpse into the darkness behind this religious sect through powerful interviews and testimonies from Warren Jeffs’ trial and the stories of survivors such as Samuel Bateman. As the documentary progresses, a chilling narrative is woven together that gives life to the darkness behind this religious sect. Viewers will be privy to gut-wrenching accounts from those who have experienced first-hand the horrors of this controversial church.


2. Cults and Extreme Belief

The concept of a cult can be an enigmatic and ominous one to many. It often conjures up images of mysterious groups, fanatical followers, and strange rituals. But what do these terms really mean? In its simplest form, a cult is a social group that has an unusual religious or spiritual belief system or is devoted to a specific figure or object. They can be found in nearly every corner of the world, and their practices vary greatly depending on the beliefs of those involved. The documentary genre has long been a powerful platform for exploring cults and their inner workings

3. Dateline April 2017 Flds A House Divided

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of Flds and explore its complexities, then Dateline’s latest episode ‘Flds A House Divided’ is a great place to start. It examines the inner workings of the religion, exploring both sides of the debate with interviews from former members, current followers, and experts in various fields. Through personal stories, this episode paints an in-depth picture of the religion and its effect on those involved. If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of Flds, this is must-watch viewing.

4. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

The Church of FLDS is a controversial religious sect that has been surrounded by scandal for years. At the center of their practices stands Warren Jeffs, who rose to power as the self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the sect in the early 2000s. His reign saw polygamy become commonplace within the church, with young girls being assigned husbands without their consent or even knowledge. This has of course raised questions about the safety and well-being of members, particularly those in vulnerable positions such as minors.


5. My Father Is The Prophet Of The FLDS, Warren Jeffs

Today on Unfiltered Stories, we interview Sarah Thompson – a brave woman who managed to escape the FLDS cult. Growing up in an extremely restrictive and oppressive environment, Sarah endured her father Warren Jeffs’ manipulation for years. Even after he was imprisoned, the effects of his rule were still looming over their family. But with the help of her mother, Sarah was finally able to escape this oppressive reality and enjoy a life of freedom. Join us as we hear Sarah’s story of bravery, courage, and resilience.


6. DISGUSTING! His 9-Year-Old Wife! FLDS Cult Raided & Exposed

This article provides a comprehensive look at some of the most compelling documentaries about FLDS. We scoured news sites, interviews, court documents, FB groups dedicated to the case and various news channel segments to provide you with a collection of must-watch films that take an in-depth look at this cult-like organization. This list includes powerful stories of individuals affected by the FLDS and how this organization has impacted their lives. From a court case that exposed controversial practices to accounts of individuals who have escaped the cult, these documentaries are sure to leave you with a new perspective on the subject.


7. Documentary of the FLDS

An in-depth look into the homeschooling experience of a FLDS family. This docuseries follows them as they go through the daily struggles, joys, and challenges that come with raising children in this community. From the unique perspectives of parents, teachers, administrators, and students alike, viewers get an inside look into this very closed-off society. Through interviews and never-before-seen footage, The Best Documentaries about FLDS explores the nuances of faith, family, and education in this unique cultural setting. From a look into the complex world of polygamy to how FLDS kids handle society’s pressures, it is an exhilarating ride from beginning to end.


8. The FLDS Ranch: The Untold Story of a CPS Agent – Part 1

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