The 9 Best Documentaries About Leopards

Oct 15, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you curious to learn more about the majestic and elusive leopard? Well, look no further! Here we present the best documentaries available that explore the life of this stunning animal. From its habitats and behaviors to its predators and prey, tune into these amazing films as they share a closer look at the mysterious lives of leopards. Let’s dive right in! First up is the documentary Leopards: Masters of Stealth. This film takes us to some of the toughest places on earth and allows us to discover how these incredible creatures manage to survive in harsh environments. From their unique hunting abilities and camouflage techniques, get to know more about why leopards are so successful at evading danger.


1. Africa’s Most Secretive Big Cats | Leopards Of Dead Tree Island

Introducing Africa’s Most Elusive Big Cat: The Leopard of Dead Tree Island. Deep in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, a three-way battle plays out between three leopards as they fight for the title of top predator on one island. As the seasons change and prey populations fluctuate, these cats must overcome fear and danger to survive – or to reign as top cat. Follow their thrilling journeys, full of tension and drama, to dominate this highly sought-after territory in the Okavango Delta: Dead Tree Island. With each leap they take, tensions grow until the ultimate heart-rending tragedy is revealed.


2. Leopards in Sugarcane farms | Documentary | Leopard in Pune city | Leopard attack on Dog

This documentary project was a momentous journey for me. We had to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed in creating this film, and I’m very grateful for the help we received from ‘Scales & Tales’ and the villagers of the area! A big thank you to the Forest Department for giving us access to document and film this incredible story.The documentary follows a leopard who has made his home in a Sugarcane farm as their natural habitat shrinks. It shows the remarkable intelligence of these animals and highlights how important it is for us to conserve them. We need everyone to come forward and join this cause, so that this beautiful animal will continue to thrive.

3. Wildlife Leopards – Dangerous Big cat Predators (Nat Geo)

Wildlife Leopards – Fearless Hunters of the African Plains (Nat Geo)Leopards are one of the most remarkable cats on our planet, with their distinctive spotted coats, remarkable strength and agility. Join us for an incredible journey through Africa’s savannahs as we explore these majestic creatures in action. Watch as they stalk their prey, pounce from trees, and fight off fierce predators like hyenas in their never-ending quest for survival. From mother leopards protecting their young cubs to solitary hunters hunting on the open plains, get a front row seat to the remarkable lives of these powerful big cats.

4. Animal Kingdom: Cheetahs And Leopards (Documentary Series)

Head to the Erindi Game Reserve in Namibia and explore the stunning beauty of the animal kingdom. Wildlife expert Steve Leonard invites us to observe and appreciate the powerful leopards and cheetahs that inhabit this magnificent natural habitat. From up close encounters with these majestic cats to detailed accounts of their behavior, get ready for a captivating journey into one of the world’s most awe-inspiring places. You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures and their habitats. Dive into the wilds of Namibia and discover the beauty of leopards and cheetahs at the Erindi Game Reserve!

5. Wild African Diary – Tale Of Big Cats Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs | Nature Documentary HD 202

Enter Wild African Diary, an exploration into the lives of some of Africa’s most magnificent creatures. Journey with us across the beautiful continent as we follow lions, leopards and cheetahs on their quest for food and survival. Uncover insightful stories about these big cats and learn how they manage to thrive in the unpredictable African savanna. Lions are the undisputed kings of the African jungle, but they are not alone. The cunning leopards inhabit a vast range of different regions, and cheetahs are well-known for their impressive speed. Watch as these amazing animals adapt to changing climates and hunt for their prey.

6. SAVUTI’S WILD PREDATORS – Lions, Hyenas & Leopards | National Geographic Documentary 2023

SAVUTI: WHERE WILD PREDATORS THRIVE – Lions, Hyenas & Leopards Welcome to Savuti National Park in Botswana where majestic predators roam wild and free. In this incredible new documentary from National Geographic, witness the fascinating relationship between lions, hyenas and leopards as they compete for food, territory and power. Take an exclusive journey into the heart of Savuti, a protected wildlife reserve where some of the most powerful predators on earth venture to survive in their natural habitat. Witness these amazing animals as they hunt for prey, battle other predators and brave the harsh conditions of life in the African wilderness.

7. Leopard Documentary Stalking LEOPARDS documentary HQ Nat Geo 2017 HD ! NEW NEW NEW !

Leopards are some of the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom. Now, an incredible new documentary will take you deep into their world and show you what life is like for these beautiful big cats. From South Africa’s Mala Mala Game Reserve – home to one of the largest populations of leopards on the continent – comes a stunningly shot close-up story about a male leopard’s fight for survival. Veteran filmmaker Kim Wolhuter brings us an intimate look at this remarkable creature, as it battles the elements and other predators to survive in its ever-changing environment.

8. Africa’s Most Secretive Big Cats | Leopards Of Dead Tree Island | Documentary

Los leopardos africanos son una especie de gato silvestre misteriosa y cautivadora. Estas criaturas magníficas viven en muchos países de África, conservando su distribución histórica a pesar de la conversión del hábitat. El norte de África también acoge a estos elegantes felinos, donde se les puede encontrar merodeando por los bosques y sabanas.Los leopardos africanos son criaturas muy inteligentes y astutas, con una habilidad única para sobrevivir en su entorno. Esta habilidad se hace evidente desde el lugar en que los leopardos a menudo eligen vivir:

9. Luangwa Valley: The Valley Of The Leopards

The Luangwa Valley is a place of breathtaking beauty, with its golden grasslands and gleaming rivers. It is also the home of one of Africa’s most striking predators – the leopard. But for the last twenty years, this has been a turbulent and destructive time for African wildlife, with conflicts between species emerging like never before. Hyena populations have exploded in the Valley due to a sudden abundance of food sources, caused by an outbreak of anthrax which killed hippos. These hyenas now pose a serious threat to the leopards, and are putting their survival at risk.

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