The 10 Best Documentaries About African Tribes

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It’s a word that evokes excitement, curiosity, and wonder. In just one syllable, it conjures a world of rich culture and deep-rooted traditions that are centuries old. There is no better way to explore this ancient knowledge than to watch documentaries about African tribes – and It is the perfect place to start. As you journey through this diverse continent, you’ll discover the stories of each unique tribe and gain insight into their ways of life. From the Himba in Namibia to the Dogon in Mali, explore these exquisite documentaries that will take your understanding and appreciation for African tribes to a whole new level. Come along on this captivating adventure and learn about African history and culture .

1. The Last Great Warrior Tribe

The Maasai, one of the last truly remarkable tribes in the modern world, live without constraints from society. This is an inspiring story about a daring outsider who decides to experience life with the Maasai and discovers their ancient customs and traditions that have been passed down for generations. From this new perspective, we gain insight into how they still maintain freedom over their lives, living without the restraints of modern-day civilization. Through this experience we gain valuable knowledge about the culture and history of these remarkable people.


2. The Masai Women

When women of the East African Maasai tribe reach a certain age, they are expected to become part of an arranged marriage. They will join their new family and assume responsibilities such as house chores and tending to their husband’s cattle. To them, wealth is measured by the number of sons and daughters they have to take care of them in old age – thus, they call upon Enkishon, a belief and practice of praying to God for fertility and pregnancy. As they transition from their former households into new ones, Maasai women can draw strength from the knowledge that marriage is more than just a basic activity; it’s an act of faith and devotion.


3. Becoming a man among the borana

The Borana people’s rite of passage for male adolescents, is an important cultural event among many African tribes. It marks a crucial point in life when boys become men: they leave their childhood behind and become responsible adults within the tribe.


4. My Time Living With The Baka Tribe of West Africa

Hayden Turner’s experience in Cameroon was truly amazing. He witnessed the Pygmy Hunter-Gatherers utilize their profound knowledge of animal behavior to hunt for food. Their approach was extraordinary and efficient, as they could accurately identify hiding spots of their prey and use their voices to lure them out. Undeterred by giants of the rainforest, these hunters used their expertise and courage to conquer the wilds of the jungle. It was a sight to behold that taught Turner invaluable lessons about the power of knowledge. Truly, these hunters displayed an intimate understanding of their environment that allowed them to thrive in it. The experience was unforgettable for him.



I was recently afforded the great opportunity to join an African tribe of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania on a 72 hour hunting trek. The Hadza people are known for their ancient traditions and native customs, making them a fascinating culture to experience.


6. The Akha tribe in Laos

This is a captivating documentary that shines light on the Akha tribe of Laos. It highlights their unique way of life, while exploring the challenges they face in maintaining their traditions in an ever-changing world. The film follows several members of the Akha tribe as they travel through Laos and share stories about their culture. We learn about their history as animists and their spiritual practices, which include respect for nature and ancestor worship.


7. EXTREME African Tribal Food

Welcome to the heart-stopping world of extreme African tribal food! Join us in a captivating journey full of surprises as we explore the unique and unusual dishes eaten by some of Africa’s most fascinating tribes. From scrambled termites to boiled guinea fowl, you’ll be taken on an exciting culinary adventure like no other. We’ll take you out of your comfort zone and into the wilds of Africa as we sample some unusual dishes. Taste the flavors of tribal cooking that have been passed down through generations, try interesting delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else! So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting to taste – come along and join us on this delicious journey!


8. See How Hadzabe Survive by hunting

If you want to get a glimpse into one of the most mysterious and fascinating tribes on earth, then you should watch this – an incredible documentary about the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania. Witness how they have survived centuries of drought and hardship by hunting for their sustenance since time immemorial.


9. Hadzabe Tribe: The Life of The Hunter

From the rolling grassy plains and rocky outcrops of Tanzania, comes a unique glimpse into the fascinating culture and ancient lifestyle of one of Africa’s most ancient tribes – The Hadzabe. The Hadzabe have lived in their ancestral lands for thousands of years, living off the land and sustaining themselves on wild plants and animals. Today, they still hunt and gather in the same way their ancestors did.


10. African Tribe Offers Me Monkey Meat

Are you curious about the culture and traditions of African tribes? Then take a journey with us to visit the Hadza tribe, one of Africa’s oldest tribes. This three-day tour is packed with opportunities to learn about this unique group’s language, diet, customs, and music.



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