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Do UFO-s really exist?

The truth is out there..

  • 7,201
  • 7 years ago
Educating Yourself Through Documentary Films

Films that have values beyond entertainment

  • 6,176
  • 7 years ago
Our Top 5 Documentaries from 2012

Five mindblowing documentaries

  • 7,771
  • 7 years ago
Top Documentary Film Makers of All Time

Top film makers of all time are known for their innovative approach to cinematics

  • 7,718
  • 7 years ago
Why Watch Documentary Films

Looking for documentary films to watch is to consider your interests

  • 13,719
  • 7 years ago
Documentaries That Changed The World

Some of the most compelling documentaries that have changed the world

  • 5,591
  • 7 years ago
What Makes a Good Documentary Film?

Finding the story, assembling the team, filming and editing

  • 91,714
  • 7 years ago
A Personal Review of Fahrenheit 9/11 Documentary

Moore takes a piercing look at the state of national security, patriotism, and war

  • 6,132
  • 7 years ago
A Personal Review of March of the Penguins Documentary

A fabulous reality nature film

  • 7,197
  • 7 years ago
A Personal Review of Religulous Documentary

Bill Maher’s journey around the world, reasearching organized religion

  • 5,283
  • 7 years ago
The History of Sir David Attenborough

Life and achievemnts of Sir David Attenborough

  • 11,574
  • 7 years ago
An Introduction to David Attenborough’s ‘Life’ Series

A Natural History by David Attenborough

  • 5,676
  • 7 years ago
2011 Cannes Film Festival Review

Events form the Cannes 2011 Film Festival

  • 2,669
  • 7 years ago
How to Watch Films on Your Computer

Great locations where movies can be watched

  • 4,764
  • 7 years ago
Best Documentary DVD Set

Highest grossing documentary films on DVD

  • 3,164
  • 7 years ago
How Documentary Films Benefit the World

Powerful means of conveying social messages to the world

  • 54,271
  • 7 years ago
The History of Documentary Film Making

First documentary filmmaking projects through history

  • 17,027
  • 7 years ago
History of Film Making

Steps to film production over the years

  • 5,567
  • 7 years ago
Advancements of Cinematics

Development of the motion picture through history

  • 5,358
  • 7 years ago
A Personal Review of Earth Documentary

Earth to the big screen

  • 4,483
  • 7 years ago
A Personal Review of An Inconvenient Truth Documentary

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a film which cannot be ignored.

  • 9,420
  • 7 years ago
Documentary Film Festivals from around the Globe

Showing you where the best documentary film festivals are!

  • 4,502
  • 7 years ago
Amateur Documentary Film Making Tips

Learn how to create your own documentary

  • 13,598
  • 7 years ago
How to Promote Your Documentary Film on the Internet

Making , promoting and earning money with your documentary

  • 10,435
  • 7 years ago
Making Your First Documentary Film: The Ultimate Guide

Guiding you throught the creation of your own documentary

  • 5,316
  • 7 years ago
David Attenborough’s Career

a long and illustrious career in nature documentaries

  • 12,178
  • 7 years ago
Best places to watch documentaries online

Right here on DocumentaryTube of course!

  • 7,289
  • 7 years ago
Best Catch up TV on Demand Services

Where to look?

  • 5,885
  • 7 years ago
Guide to Studying Film Production at University

Want to take your passion for documentaries to the next level?

  • 4,854
  • 7 years ago
Most Controversial Documentaries

Some of the most ground breaking and controversial documentaries there are.

  • 15,468
  • 7 years ago
A Personal Review of Super Size Me Documentary

The fast food documentary that made waves!

  • 10,208
  • 7 years ago