The 15 Best Documentaries About Wolves

Jul 9, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

From the snowy tundras of North America to the vast plains of Eurasia, wolves have been an iconic symbol of wildness, strength and power. Wolves are considered one of the world’s most intelligent animals – they travel in nuclear families and hunt cooperatively with their pack-mates. They form strong social bonds and communicate through a variety of vocalizations, including howling and yipping. Despite centuries of misconceptions about wolves being dangerous predators, attacks on humans are very rare.

The mysterious nature of these animals continues to captivate many people around the world. As such, there have been numerous documentaries created over the years that explore different aspects of wolf behavior and biology.

From National Geographic specials to indie films, here are the best documentaries about wolves that will both inform and entertain.


White Wolves: Ghosts of the Arctic (2018)

At the northernmost tip of Canada lies a vast, desolate land – Ellesmere Island. In this harsh and unforgiving wilderness, an Arctic wolf family is battling against the odds to raise their young. This captivating documentary takes us on a journey to one of the most remote corners of our planet, where we witness the intricate dynamics and carefully coordinated hunting tactics that enable the pack to thrive.





The Wolf: Marine Mammal (2015)

The majestic and elusive wolf of British Columbia has a hidden talent – the ability to conquer water. This incredible species is on a journey to master swimming and fishing, making them prime candidates for future marine mammals. Through expert observation, we witness these wolves gracefully navigating through the sea, weaving between forested islands as they hunt for their main sources of sustenance: salmon, beached whales, and seals. The question remains: what lies in store for the evolution of these remarkable creatures?





Meet the Coywolf (2014)

The elusive coywolf has been making its mark on the urban landscape, a hybrid of two powerful predators – the western coyote and eastern wolf. Its striking appearance is both captivating and chilling as it roams the streets of North American cities. But this creature is more than just a fascinating sight, it represents a unique blending of nature’s forces that continues to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing human environment.





Wolves (1999)

In the wilds of untamed landscapes, a fierce and resilient species roams with grace and ferocity. Through the lens of dedicated scientists, we gain insight into the mysterious lives of these powerful predators – our fellow hunters in the animal kingdom.






Medicine Of The Wolf (2015)

In this visually stunning documentary, viewers are taken on a journey into the heart of wolf country. Through the lens of acclaimed wildlife photographer Jim Brandenburg, we witness the majesty and mystery of these enigmatic creatures.






Walking with Wolves (2015)

The Indian wolf, a creature shrouded in mystery and myth, roams the vast plains of south central India. Meanwhile, a nomadic tribe of shepherds clings to their ancient way of life amidst the looming threat of modernity. As we delve into this enigmatic world, we bear witness to the delicate balance between tradition and progress, and the tenacious spirit of a people fighting to preserve their heritage.




The Best Free Documentaries About Wolves


1. Germany’s Wild Wolves: How Captivity Changes Wolves

What does the wolf pack structure look like? In captivity, wolves follow a specific structure with each member having their own role. This documentary follows wild wolves in Germany and looks at how their behavior differs from those we see in our sanctuaries. You can watch several different packs of wild, roaming wolves and witness them hunt for food or play with one another as they interact amongst themselves without any humans around! You can also get a better understanding of their intricate pack structure and how it works. It’s an incredible experience that will give you a new level of respect for these majestic animals.


2. Wolves vs Bears Documentary

For those curious to find out, here are 12 of the best documentaries about wolves that provide a comprehensive look at their world. From their behaviors and relationships with other animals to their fascinating behavior in packs, these films offer a unique insight into this majestic animal. From National Geographic specials to independent feature films, each one of these documentaries has something special to offer viewers looking for an educational yet entertaining view on wolves. So sit back and enjoy as you learn all there is to know about the wolf and its captivating lifestyle!\


3. Canada’s White Wolves: Ghosts Of The Arctic

This breathtaking 4K documentary transports viewers to a remote corner of planet Earth and into the lives of Arctic wolves as they raise their pups within an unforgiving environment. Described as both beautiful and brutal, these animals engage in unique social interactions with one another that allow them to survive under such harsh conditions. The pack’s life is highly orchestrated by hunting rituals, which are skillfully executed without fail throughout their trials-not unlike human ballet routines! The documentary gives viewers a firsthand look at the determination and strength of these creatures, leaving them with a sense of admiration and respect for these amazing animals. If you’re looking to gain a deeper insight into the wolf pack dynamic, this is definitely the documentary for you!


4.Alone with Wolves in Siberia

Most of us have seen this animal only in pictures and do not know much about the species, which is normal. But we may be wrong to think that wolves are always dangerous or scary. They are actually a very misunderstood creature with an unfair stereotype attached to them by humans-a fearmongering idea for some people who have never seen these animals before in their lives. To explore whether such notions really make any sense, two naturalists will head deep into Russia’s wild places where nature thrives without human interference and wander through Putorana Plateau to see what it has become like over time: all alone (and quite possibly even more curious) than anywhere else on Earth!


5. Wolves Unmasked Documentary

They’re doing so by removing what is not useful or profitable, and unbalancing ecosystems to make our planet less habitable for us humans. Wolves Unmasked shows how this process starts with individuals like myself who see the change occurring around them in many parts of Britain and feel compelled to uncover more about these creatures that have long been misunderstood as pests, but actually play an important role in helping nature recover itself. Through a series of interviews and footage gathered from an expedition to Scotland, viewers get to see firsthand how wolves are helping keep deer populations in check, restoring balance to their habitats, and providing a sense of hope for the future. The documentary is both informative and inspiring, showing that even in our modern world where humans can have such a negative impact on the environment, there are still species like wolves that help restore balance while giving us insight into the workings of nature. So if you want to discover more about these amazing animals and how they’re rewilding our planet, be sure to watch Wolves Unmasked!


6. A Man Among Wolves

He started the Polish Wolf Conservation Project with a team of volunteers. They worked to raise awareness and funds, while they also helped organize anti-poaching efforts in Poland. This project is not only helping wild wolves but it’s inspiring people around the world to work together for one goal: protect all animals from extinction! As a result of Shaun’s hard work and dedication, the 12 best documentaries about wolves have been made to honor his legacy. Each documentary goes deep into the struggles, challenges, triumphs, and beauty of wild wolf populations around the world from America to Poland. They give insight into different issues such as poaching, habitat destruction, and how humans can help protect these creatures for generations to come. These documentaries also provide an in-depth look at Shaun’s incredible story and his ongoing mission to protect wolves everywhere. Twelve inspiring stories that explain why we must continue protecting them no matter what.


7. Wolves 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Discover the captivating world of wolves! From their transfixing stares to their spine-shivering howls, these majestic giants stir up a mix of admiration and debate. Take an exciting journey and uncover the various species of wolf, learn why each breed has its own particular call, and explore how their population in the US was almost driven to extinction. Here are 12 of the best documentaries about wolves that will transport you to a world of adventure and discovery.


8. Jim & Jamie Dutcher: The Hidden Life of Wolves

“Wolves in the Land of Salmon” is another eye-opening experience for wolf lovers. The documentary showcases the world of wolves living in one of the wildest places, full of salmon and bears. You will be transported to visit these packs as they try to survive in a habitat that has changed drastically due to human influence. If you are looking for something a bit darker and more intense, then you should watch “The Grey Wolves of Alaska.” This documentary follows biologist Gordon Haber as he studies the wolves of Denali National Park over several decades. He uncovers their secrets and struggles as they fight against poachers, trophy hunters, and climate change.


9. The War Of The Wolf Packs: Part 2 – Yellowstone

A young white wolf’s first year in the wild of Yellowstone National Park, follows her trials and tribulations as she forges her own bonds and assembles a pack. She is forced to navigate life in the park amidst territorial conflicts with other wolves that pose threats on their survival. Despite these challenges, this alpha-female overcomes them all together eventually raising pups of their own who will one day lead their generation into adulthood. From the producers of Planet Earth, this remarkable journey follows three packs as they seek to find food, establish a home and welcome new members. This is an incredible documentary for anyone interested in learning about the power and strength of these animals.


10. The War Of The Wolf Packs: Part 1

The War Of The Wolf Packs Part 1 is one of the best documentaries on wolves. The film was shot in the breathtakingly beautiful Yellowstone National Park. It filmed 2 packs of rare and elusive female White Wolves, their mates as well as offspring. This documentary reveals how these wolves deal with the environment and claim their new territory in the Hayden Valley throughout the seasons. It also highlights the challenges they faced as they leave the South. The in-depth look into the lives of these wolves makes for a captivating viewing experience.


11. Wandering Wolves Documentary

These 12 documentaries seek to explore the powerful narrative of wolf migration, while also highlighting their unique social structure and how it influences their dynamics. From the wolves of Yellowstone, to those in Northern Canada, each film is a captivating feast for the eyes and ears. Through mesmerizing shots of wolf packs in action, you’ll gain an insight into some incredible creatures – from their behavior to their intelligence. Whether it’s chasing elk or navigating snow-covered terrain, these documentaries will take your breath away. You’ll witness what makes them amazing apex predators and unravel the mysteries behind why they make such daunting migrations year after year. So buckle up and join us for these 12 thrilling adventures into the lives of wolves!


12. Pack Life At Yellowstone National Park

Alongside Yellowstone National Park lies Alaska, one of the coldest and most remote landscapes in America. Home to some of the world’s largest wolf populations, this documentary explores how they coexist and compete with other animal species in such extreme conditions. From up-close interactions with packs in Denali National Park and Preserve, to unique aerial views of packs roaming across vast frozen tundra, viewers will gain an intimate understanding of the challenges wild wolves encounter in their struggle to survive and thrive. The 12 Best Documentaries About Wolves paints a vivid picture of the incredible creatures we have long regarded with awe and admiration.


13. How Elusive Indian Wolves Co-exist With Shepherds

The Indian wolf is a rare and elusive creature, but it has managed to co-exist with the nomadic shepherds of south-central India for centuries. This documentary takes us to these plains and tells us the story of how this ancient way of life is being threatened by modernity. We explore the tension between fragility and resilience as we discover how Indian wolves and shepherds have managed to survive together in spite of the odds. Watch this remarkable documentary to gain insight into their unique relationship!


14. Wolf Pack Hunts A Hare: The Hunt

The wolf pack is a powerful unit, and when they come together to hunt their prey, it’s an impressive sight. In this video we get to witness the incredible hunting techniques of wolves as they work together to take down a hare. We see how agility and speed can be used against them, and learn just what it takes for the pack to bring home dinner. An awe-inspiring look at nature in action!


15. Living Among Wolves: Snow Wolf Family And Me

Snow Wolf Family And Me is one of the best documentaries about wolves. It takes us into an incredible and wild environment, where we can witness the strength of a wolf pack and their interactions with humans. This family-centered documentary shows how strong bonds are formed even in such a harsh landscape, making for an amazing viewing experience!

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