The 16 Best Documentaries About Oppenheimer And The Manhattan Project

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Dr. Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a renowned American theoretical physicist and prominent figure in the Manhattan Project, responsible for the development of the first atomic bomb. Born to Jewish immigrants from Germany, Oppenheimer received his PhD in Physics from the University of Göttingen before going on to teach at the University of California, Berkeley. During World War II he became director of the Los Alamos Laboratory and contributed significantly to the creation of the atomic bomb.

Oppenheimer’s life and legacy have been explored in numerous documentaries over the years, each offering unique perspectives on his career and its significance within history. In this blog post, we dive into some of the best Oppenheimer documentaries out there, delving into his life, impact and more.


1. Oppenheimer: The Real Story (2023)

Discover the remarkable story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a brilliant physicist whose groundbreaking research paved the way for the development of nuclear weapons. This documentary delves into his journey from academia to leading one of the most secretive and controversial projects in history – the Manhattan Project.






2. Manufacturing Death: Birth of the Atomic Bomb (2023)

The creation of the atomic bomb was a turning point in human history. It marked the end of World War II and heralded a new era of scientific advancement and global power dynamics. This documentary delves into the impact of nuclear weapons on our world, exploring both their destructive capabilities and their role in shaping modern society.






3. The Day After Trinity (1981)

In the aftermath of World War II, a group of brilliant minds came together for one singular purpose: to build the world’s first atomic bomb. Led by renowned physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, they embarked on a dangerous and morally complex journey that would forever change the course of history. The Day After Trinity is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into this incredible story, featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews with key members of the Manhattan Project.






4. The Real Oppenheimer (2023)

The dawn of the atomic era in 1945 marked a pivotal moment in human history. As Oppenheimer rose to prominence as the Father of the Bomb, he also grappled with the moral implications of scientific advancements and their potential for harm. This documentary delves into his personal struggle to reconcile scientific progress with its consequences for humanity.






5. Manhattan (2014)

In the midst of World War II, in a remote town nestled in the New Mexico desert, an intense race begins. Two brilliant scientists, Frank Winter and Charlie Isaacs, relentlessly strive to harness the power of the atom and create a weapon that could change the course of history. But as they work towards their goal, secrets and rivalries consume every aspect of their personal and professional lives.




6. Oppenheimer – Biopic by Christopher Nolan (2023)

The movie that delves into the life of the father of the atomic bomb, Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece has taken the world by storm. With a star-studded cast including Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., and Florence Pugh, this film is a must-watch for all history buffs and science enthusiasts alike.







The Best Free Documentaries About Oppenheimer And The Manhattan Project


1. OPPENHEIMER: The Decision to Drop the Bomb (1965)

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were some of the most consequential events in human history. It was J Robert Oppenheimer who made the momentous decision to drop the first atomic bomb, and his story has been explored in numerous documentaries. One of the best is NBC News’ documentary, featuring new insight from Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss. The film delves into the motivations of Oppenheimer and other key figures in the story, two decades after the bombings. It is a unique look at this crucial moment in history, offering viewers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the events that unfolded.


2. Oppenheimer: Father of the Bomb

The life and legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man behind the creation of the atomic bomb, is explored in depth by History City’s original documentary – Oppenheimer: Father of the Bomb. Hear from a physicist on the incredible contributions this enigmatic 20th century scientist made to our world and immerse yourself in archival footage that brings this story to life. An insightful narration rounds out this compelling documentary and provides a unique perspective on Oppenheimer’s life, work, and legacy.


3. Manhattan project documentary

The atom bomb’s power is undeniable, greatly impacting our world, politics, and way of life. Dr. J Robert Oppenheimer was a pioneering figure in this field, achieving remarkable milestones in nuclear physics.


4. Oppenheimer – Destroyer of Worlds Documentary

J. Robert Oppenheimer was one of the most influential figures in 20th century physics, responsible for a number of critical advances in science. This documentary examines his life and career through archival footage, interviews with colleagues and family members, as well as rare photographs.


5. Biography—J. Robert Oppenheimer: Father of the Atomic Bomb (1995)

An enigmatic figure, J. Robert Oppenheimer is remembered as the scientist who forever changed the course of history with his work on the atomic bomb. Gifted and brilliant, Oppenheimer was handpicked by the U.S. Army to lead the top-secret Manhattan Project in 1942. His three-year mission would ultimately see mankind usher in a new era of destruction and devastation, with Oppenheimer referred to as the ‘father of the atomic bomb’.

However, following his mission’s completion in 1945 and subsequent return to academia, Oppenheimer’s views on nuclear weapons quickly shifted. He chose instead to advocate for peace and oppose further development of such destructive technology – an incredibly controversial stance that followed him throughout the remainder of his life. Oppenheimer’s unique story is one of ironies and contradictions, with BIOGRAPHY® presenting a comprehensive window into the man behind history’s most destructive weapon.


6. The Moment in Time: THE MANHATTAN PROJECT

At the dawn of World War II, a dark fear loomed. What if the Nazis were developing atomic weapons? This thought sparked the beginning of an incredible story, one that is documented in The Moment in Time. Narrations from those who worked on what was known as “the gadget” offer insights into how the development of the atom bomb unfolded. From these recollections, we learn about the challenges of this project and how a few scientists risked everything to ensure its success. As we witness their fight against time and uncertainty, we gain an appreciation for the efforts that ultimately led to mankind’s most devastating weapon. Join us on a journey through history as The Moment in Time documents one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century.


7. Oppenheimer Vs Heisenberg Battle Between 2 Genius

Read our article about Oppenheimer Vs Heisenberg and discover this great documentary !


8. Oppenheimer’s Atomic Bomb: The Nuclear Weapons That Could Wipe Out All Life

The dawn of the nuclear age began with a single atomic bomb. A blast from this weapon had the destructive power of 20,000 tons of TNT and left Hiroshima devastated. This horrific burst of radiation shocked the world, sparking the Cold War between East and West. During this time, history was made on both sides as they raced to acquire more sophisticated nuclear weapons such as Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM).


9. Modern Marvels: Oppenheimer & the Birth of the Atomic Bomb

In the desolate desert of New Mexico, a group of scientists and esteemed dignitaries gathered on July 16, 1945 for a momentous occasion – the detonation of the world’s first atomic bomb. 5:30 a.m. marked the start of what many would come to know as Jornada del Muerto, or Journey of Death. This event was a crucial moment in the history of our world and its impact is still felt to this day.


10. The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer

The year was 1954 and the U.S. government had put J. Robert Oppenheimer, a renowned atomic scientist whose work on the atomic bomb had made him famous, under investigation for national loyalty. Held in high regard by many and feared by some, this hearing served as a platform to air out any worries or suspicions the Cold War era government may have had.

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