Ukraine: Saving the Fake Zelensky

Jun 1, 2023 | Conspiracy, Military/War, People, Videos

When war broke out in Ukraine, Kim Jong Un’s doppelgänger – a mechanical engineer from Kyiv – found himself in a dangerous situation. Fearing his colleague would be kidnapped by Russian forces and used as propaganda to make people think President Zelensky was dead, the lookalike contacted another of his kind: fake Putin, based in Poland. The two then set out on a mission to bring their Ukrainian counterpart to safety.

This is just one of many stories highlighted in the recently-released documentary Doppels – A Doppelgänger Documentary from director Emma Hunter. The film follows the lives of several of these doubles of presidents, dictators, and other figures of power across Europe and South America as they reflect on the implications of their roles within this “little family”.

Viewers are taken on an exciting journey through both the highs and lows that come with being a doppelgänger. One moment you may find yourself laughing at the way they reenact famous speeches or share funny anecdotes about their experiences; while the next minute you may feel heartbroken over some of the difficult situations they have faced due to their uncanny resemblance to someone else.

Watching Doppels offers an eye-opening exploration into a unique world most people aren’t aware exists. It challenges viewers to confront questions about identity and place within society, while also providing an entertaining look at some of history’s most fascinating stories. We encourage everyone to check out this captivating documentary and learn more about this strange duality between reality and artifice.

When it comes to the bizarre and fascinating world of doppelgängers, one name stands out above all others – Kim Jong Un. The North Korean leader’s resemblance to an ordinary man from Vladivostok, Russia has made global headlines, with the double taking part in a documentary about his lookalike’

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