Behind Bars 2: The World’s Toughest Prisons – Colony 100, Kharkiv, Ukraine

May 15, 2023 | Crime, People, Videos

If you’re one of those who loves to unravel the darker side of society, then Behind Bars – Ukraine’s Colony100 is a must-watch documentary.
The second episode of season 2 takes you on a tour of Ukraine’s maximum-security prison, Colony 100, where the most hardened criminals are locked up. What makes these criminals different? All of them have already done time in at least three other Ukrainian prisons and yet, they haven’t been able to change their ways.
Built during the Soviet era, the prison’s architectural dreariness reflects the grim hopelessness that pervades the atmosphere inside. From serial killers to child abusers, the prison houses the most notorious criminals who will never, in all likelihood, see the outside world again.
Alexander is one such criminal. He is an armed robber and has been incarcerated before for drug use, theft, and stabbing. But this time, he finds himself in Colony 100. For him to ever hope for release, he must learn to adapt from day one and not to draw the guards’ attention or that of other 300 inmates.
Rusha murdered 29 people and finds himself confined to the maximum-security wing. Cut off from the outside world, he tries to occupy himself with mundane activities as he waits to meet a psychologist. Other than his cellmate and the guards, no one has spoken to him in years.
Behind Bars – Ukraine’s Colony 100 is an eye-opening documentary that offers an insight into the world of hardened criminals and the Ukrainian justice system. It showcases how a prison meant for punishing offenders might end up breaking their spirit and hope, perpetuating a cycle of hopelessness. Watch the documentary and be enthralled by the gripping storytelling that takes you into the minds of unrepentant criminals.

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David B