The 5 Best Documentaries About Putin

Oct 30, 2023 | Best Of, Political

Introducing the greatest collection of documentaries about Vladimir Putin! From award-winning film crews to investigative journalists, the stories that reveal the life and times of this Russian leader will captivate you. Dive into the dark side of politics, get a glimpse behind closed doors, or just become more informed on one of the most influential leaders in modern history. Here are some of the best documentaries about Putin, guaranteed to give you the facts and give you a deeper understanding of just who he is. Get ready to explore!


1. Putin’s Way (full documentary)

Putin has had an incredible ascendency, from unemployed spy to the modern-day ruler of Russia. The documentary, Putin’s Way, takes a deep dive into his reign and the accusations of corruption and criminality that have surrounded it for years. By examining these findings this film provides unique insight into the mysterious inner workings and machinations of Russian politics today. FRONTLINE (2015) documents the entire journey, from behind-the-scenes footage to interviews with key players. It’s a must see for anyone interested in understanding what it means to be a leader of Russia today.


2. History of Vladimir Putin

As an entrepreneur, I am keenly aware of the impact of Vladimir Putin on the world today. His influence is felt not only in politics but also in business, economics and culture. He is a leader who has managed to dominate his country and stay ahead of the game for over two decades now. In this documentary series, we explore the life and times of Vladimir Putin, from his childhood in Leningrad to the heights of power as Russia’s longest-serving president. We gain insight into his mindset and decision-making abilities by talking to those who know him best, including family members, former associates and political analysts. We also examine the various controversies surrounding Putin’s reign such as allegations of corruption and interference in foreign elections.


3. The Rise Of Putin: Story of Russia’s Most Powerful Man

An Overview of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Most Influential LeaderTone of Voice: Informative Vladimir Putin has been a major figure in Russian politics since 2000. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, he rose to become the current president of Russia, charged with leading the world’s largest nation. His story is one of humble beginnings and incredible resilience, as he has faced opposition from both within and outside of his own borders.


4. The Realities of Putin’s Russia: From Spy to President | The Sword and the Shield

Discover the complex realities of contemporary Russia, where affairs like coup d’états, assassinations, contract slayings and salacious scandals bring to mind a kind of Bond-like ambiance. Delve into the questioning of Putin’s reign such as the instances of poisoning, the oppression of outspoken journalists and how politicians and ex-intelligence officers make up a considerable part of the government. Uncover the intrigue of this rich and complex realm, where every move of Putin’s is watched with a keen eye. Follow his trajectory from spy to president and get an inside look into one of the most powerful countries in the world. Step into a game of espionage, assassination and power politics – The Sword and the Shield.

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