The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock

  • Published 7 years ago
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Why are more likely to have a heart attack at eight in the morning or crash your car on the highway at two in the afternoon?

You can take your medicine at the right time of day really save your life? And you wonder why teens do not get out of bed in the morning? The answers to these questions lie in the secret world of biological clock.

The overall message of The Secret Life of her biological clock is that a large number of existing clocks in our bodies, and that we ignore at our peril. Being human, of course, is that we are ignoring them with something akin to joy naked.

The chronobiologists took us through 24 hours of their own personal organizer to show how they have perfected an entire culture devoted entirely to working cocking a snook at our watches huge body.

We adhere to the rigidity of working hours, when some of us are pre-programmed some larks and owls. We jumped in the car after dinner, when micro-sleep your body what you want.

We work night shifts, when a large number of diseases are more frequent during the night by the effort (and between 2.00-04 am is when most people die). In summary, we have as an unhappy relationship with the normal time, as the White Rabbit.

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