The Best Documentaries about Owls

Jul 31, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

The owl is a mysterious figure that has been revered for its wisdom and nocturnal habits throughout history. Its ability to fly silently, coupled with its binocular vision, makes it an efficient night predator. Ancient Greeks used the owl as a symbol of intelligence and many Native American Indian flags feature this bird of prey prominently. In this collection we’ll unearth the secrets behind these enigmatic birds by exploring eight documentaries about owls – revealing their diet, behavior, and hidden mysteries. From small prey such as insects and fish to how they use their large eyes to hunt in the dark; you will learn all there is to know about these fascinating creatures!


Owls: Masters of the Night (2004)

Owls are incredible creatures, thriving in diverse environments and mastering the art of survival. Their adaptability has allowed them to thrive in habitats ranging from frozen tundras to dense rainforests.




A Winter’s Tale: The Journey Of The Snowy Owls (2015)

Discover the epic journey of the magnificent snowy owls as they adapt to a changing Arctic landscape. Through stunning footage and captivating storytelling, this documentary unravels the secrets of these elusive creatures and sheds light on the challenges they face in their quest for survival.





Owl’s Odyssey (2013)

As the sun begins to set on the old, abandoned barn that has been home to generations of barn-owls, a sense of sadness fills the air. For years, this place has provided shelter and safety for those wise creatures who call it home. But now, as humans continue to expand their reach, this sanctuary is no longer safe.






The Secret Life Of Baby Owls (2022)

In the peaceful countryside of Essex lies a forgotten airfield, abandoned for over a century. Nature has reclaimed this once bustling hub of activity, transforming it into a haven for some of Britain’s most elusive creatures – owls.




An Owl’s Song (1997)

Introducing the elusive and rare Lanyu Scops owl – one of the world’s most endangered species. Our documentary captures never-before-seen footage of these shy creatures, revealing their unique behaviors such as feeding, mating, and nurturing their young.







The 12 Best Free Documentaries about Owls


1. The Private Life of the Barn Owl

Discover the mysterious life of Barn Owls, an incredibly intelligent species that has adapted well to urban environments. With their heart-shaped face, large ear tufts, reddish eyes and dark feathers with white markings on their wings they are easily recognizable. Find out how long these birds can live in captivity and in the wild as well as what kind of prey they hunt! Uncover why this bird is one of the most common birds of prey across the globe by watching this short documentary about Barn Owls.


2. Fascinating Facts About Owls

Are you fascinated by owls? Get ready to explore the world of these incredible birds in this documentary, which dives into their unique hunting techniques and evolutionary traits. Learn about how they use hyper-accommodation to survive, as well as the incredible features that make them such efficient night hunters. Discover why they have huge forward-facing eyes and a flexible neck that can only turn 90 degrees – allowing them to remain nearly invisible while hunting! Plus, find out other fascinating facts about owls that will leave you spellbound.


3. Owl Documentary – Wildlife Animal National Geographic Documentary

Do you want to learn more about the mysterious world of owls? Then this documentary is for you! Discover the different species, habitats, features and lifestyles of these incredible birds. Learn what makes them so unique and how they have adapted to their environment. This comprehensive documentary offers a great overview of the amazing owl’s world.


4. Snowy Owl Documentary 2015

In this documentary, you can enjoy a unique insight into the Snowy Owl – one of the most beautiful and lethal predators of the tundra. From its point of view, you can appreciate different styles and perspectives that will help you gain an understanding about this fascinating animal. This 2015 documentary is sure to captivate viewers with its stunning visuals and informative content on the Snowy Owl!


5. Snowy Owl

Discover the mysterious Snowy Owl, a large white owl adapted to cold habitats such as tundra environments. Follow its amazing journey of migration and adaptation, from defending nests against predators to changing up mating partners. Learn how this bird survives in difficult climates by preying on small mammals while also becoming whiter with age! Watch this documentary and explore the wonders of the Snowy Owl’s fascinating life cycle.


6. The Eagle Owl, the Lord of the Night

The Eagle Owl is a powerful predator that rules the night. With its supreme intelligence, it chooses its mate for life and strategically builds nests on cliffs to protect their territory. We have been following an eagle owl’s nest with infrared hidden cameras to witness its evolution from beginning until present day. Watch our amazing footage of this majestic bird as it hunts foxes, wild boars and other prey using stealthy flight techniques! Discover how the Lord of the Night has adapted itself to survive in diverse ecosystems while remaining under the radar until just when it strikes!


7. The Owl: Master Of The Hunt

The owl is a master of the hunt! This documentary delves into the amazing hunting abilities of this silent nocturnal predator. With binocular vision and specialized cells that allow it to see in darkness, the owl has an innate ability to detect and capture prey with deadly accuracy. Its feathers evolved over time to optimize stealth flight mode, making it a perfect killing machine. As soon as its wings are above you and its beak near your flesh, there’s little chance of escape – so watch out! Learn about how owls have adapted their hunting skills in this incredible video!


8. Owl’s Nature (2018)

Discover the amazing world of owls in this documentary! Learn about their habits, how they interact with other nocturnal animals like wolves, and what you can do to help these incredible creatures. We’ll explore the fascinating relationship between owls and their typical prey such as fishes, rabbits, rats, bees and more. Get an understanding of why these birds are so important to our world today and learn how you can make a difference for them. Tune into Owl’s Nature Birds now!


9. Life Of The Great Grey Owl, The Largest In America

The Great Grey Owl is the largest owl in North America and its survival skills are one of a kind. This documentary dives into the life of this majestic animal, exploring its habitat on the wooded hillsides and discovering how it manages to stay alive with its uncanny hunting abilities. Follow along as we explore the secrets of this remarkable bird’s life!


10. Mesmerising Owl Moments

Discover the incredible world of owls and witness their amazing aerial hunting skills! From silent flight to pinpoint accuracy when detecting prey, these birds are truly mesmerizing. Enjoy this selection of owl moments taken from BBC Earth’s library – a must-watch for any nature enthusiast!


11. Great Horned Owl on the Hunt

This video will take you into the silent world of a Great Horned Owl on the hunt. Watch as it syncs its ears and eyes to unleash its deadly attack on unsuspecting prey. Feel your adrenaline rush, as you witness this incredible creature in action!


12. Barn Owl Pair Raise First Ever Chicks

It’s an incredible feat when a barn owl pair, such as Willow & Ghost, successfully raise their first chicks. Follow along with this video and discover the fascinating journey of these two birds from the moment they met until the day their three babies fledged the nest! Get ready to be inspired by this unique look at nature and how it can thrive in even the most unlikely places.

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