The 9 Best Documentaries About Rabbits

Sep 26, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Rabbits have become one of the world’s most beloved and iconic domesticated animals. They are often seen as symbols of luck, fertility, and love. But there is a lot more to these fascinating creatures than meets the eye. Dive into some of the best documentaries about rabbits and learn what makes them truly unique! From stories of survival in urban environments to tales of conservation and preservation, these documentaries offer a glimpse into the lives of these curious creatures. So put your feet up and get ready to explore the world of rabbits!


1. The Burrowers: Animals Underground – Baby Rabbits | Wildlife Documentary | Natural History

Baby rabbits have a unique bond that they must learn in order to survive above the surface. Chris Packham, from the wildlife documentary The Burrowers: Animals Underground, reveals how these amazing animals gain their strength and confidence so quickly. He also uncovers an even more incredible story — one of how the mole manages to live almost its entire life underground! This episode is an absolute must-see for anyone interested in the unique ways of animals above and below the surface.


2. Secret Life of Marsh Rabbits Documentary

Enter the world of Marsh Rabbits. Take a journey with me as we explore the secret life of these dark chocolate colored creatures. We will start by looking at their appearance which is somewhat similar to guinea pigs – small body, short ears and gray-brown tail. This is in stark contrast to the more familiar Eastern Cottontail Rabbit known for its long ears and conspicuous cotton puff tail. The Marsh Rabbit is a unique species with its own behaviors and habits in the wild. We will document their day-to-day lives as they search for food, find refuge from predators, and look out for each other when needed.


3. Remarkable Rabbits

Rabbits are among the most beloved animals, from bunnies snuggled up in pet stores to luxurious wild hares. While humans have been fascinated by rabbits for centuries, only recently have documentary filmmakers begun to bring us closer to these remarkable creatures. Through emotive storytelling and stunning visuals, these documentaries show just how intelligent, creative and resourceful rabbits can be. From uncovering their complex social structures to learning about the challenges they face in an ever-changing world, these documentaries offer a unique glimpse into the lives of rabbits and why we should protect them. Dive deep into the rabbit kingdom with some of the best documentaries about rabbits and discover all that makes them so special.


4. These Endangered Rabbits Live On The Slope Of A Mexican Volcano

High up the volcanic slopes in Mexico City, there is a primitive species of rabbit living a precarious life. With an estimated population of fewer than 600 individuals, these Volcano Rabbits are now endangered and need urgent conservation efforts to prevent their extinction. This documentary follows the story of these rabbits as they struggle against all odds to survive in this hostile environment. It shows how humans can act in unison to protect these animals, and how we can all do our part to contribute towards saving this species. The documentary also highlights the important role of volunteers in helping out with conservation efforts and how their work has made a real difference. This is truly an inspiring story about courageous rabbits fighting against extinction. A must-watch for all animal lovers!


5. The Dark, Twisted Truth about Breeding Rabbits

Ah, the rabbit! Adorable, cuddly, and fluffy, they are one of the most beloved pets in the world. But have you ever stopped to wonder what lies behind all those bright eyes? Where do these furry companions come from? How did so many rabbits become domesticated? Well, if you want to know the dark side of rabbit breeding, there’s only one way to find out – watch some of the best documentaries about rabbits! From illuminating tales of rabbit rescue to powerful accounts of the realities behind large-scale rabbit farming, these films are sure to give you a new appreciation for your furry friends. So settle in and get ready to learn the truth about rabbits!


6. House Rabbits (2002, Full documentary)

Rescuing a few rabbits over the years was no easy task – from becoming snake food, living on the street or being part of a hoarding situation. Yet, once I had them, I found that keeping up with cleaning up after them was not nearly as difficult as taking care of my other pets! With three dogs, one cat and a turtle in my household, taking care of two rabbits was surprisingly a breeze. It just goes to show that there is a pet for everyone; no matter how much mess they make! So if you’re considering getting a new pet, why not think about giving a rabbit a home? You might find it’s the perfect fit!



RABBITS – A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT (EXPLORING ZAMBIA’S MARKET)The Zambian market has begun to view rabbits as a beneficial source of protein, surpassing other meats. Rabbit meat is lean and similar to chicken, making it very versatile and perfect for stews, soups and casseroles. Pennipher Sikainda-Nyirenda takes us on a journey to explore the opportunities of rabbit rearing in Zambia, and how this can be beneficial for both producers and consumers. ZNBC TV1 News in Depth will air this documentary on 7th Feb 2019 – don’t miss it!


8. “Wayfarer Farms” A Raw Uncut Documentary…Rabbits

At Wayfarer farms, we had the pleasure of capturing a raw and uncut documentary about rabbits last Fall. When we got to review our footage we saw some mistakes like lighting issues, sound quality problems, mess-ups, and much more; all that would be fixed in post-production editing normally. However, it felt right to keep this footage as natural as possible, without any alterations. We hope you enjoy this documentary as much as we enjoyed creating it!


9. Rabbits Aren’t As Cute As You Think

Let’s talk about the animal kingdom, shall we? In nature documentaries and personal experiences with animals, it’s easy to think that there’s always an imbalance of power between predators and prey. That they will never be able to outmatch each other. But that is not always true! We want to show you 20 creatures who can defend themselves from their predators – some of which may surprise you. Rabbits, for example, are often seen as cute and adorable creatures, but they can actually be quite fierce.

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