The Rise and Fall of Germany - Hitler's Story

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The Second World War might be long over, but the image of Adolph Hitler still represents the ultimate evil. The legacy he left behind him? 40 million dead, including women, children, soldiers and an annihilation of an entire race. How could one man lead the world to the brick of destruction?

The beginning of Hitler started with a party counting only seven members. But even then, Hitler had his goals set. He wanted a party that will be true ideologically conditioned movement, and without compromise, the sole and only power in Germany. Thanks to his propaganda, Hitler managed to achieve his goals, but he never managed to achieve world domination and supremacy.

There are many controversies and stories linked with Hitler. And there are countless of documentaries linked with the image of one of the most influential people in the history of mankind. No matter if you like, or hate, or despise Hitler, his image and his influence on the world we live is still felt.

During his time, Hitler grew intolerant of smoking, drinking, military officers, the education system that has rejected him, and the Jews. The last subject, the Jews, is what marked Hitler’s rise to power and fall. The first association of Hitler will always be Third Reich, Semitism, and Jews.

The documentary switches between first and third person in telling the story not only of Hitler, but of the Third Reich.

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