The Life of Reinhard Heydrich

Apr 14, 2024 | History, Videos

Reinhard Heydrich was one of the most notorious and evil figures in history. He was second in command of the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel), a powerful bodyguard, policeman, and soldier that served as the backbone of Hitler’s regime. Born into a wealthy and musical family, Heydrich was an expert violinist who began to excel academically and athletically due to traumas he suffered in his childhood. After being discharged from the Navy for a sex scandal, he joined the newly formed SS and soon became second-in-command.

Heydrich’s influence on the Nazi Party was enormous. After Hitler had gained control of Germany in 1933, he ordered a massive purge of anyone that opposed him – including Communists, union members, Catholic politicians, and any other enemies of the Reich – which led to mass arrests and conversion of unused ammunition plants into concentration camps for political prisoners. This order was carried out with precision by Heydrich and Himmler.

When World War II broke out, Hitler wanted Poland to be destroyed as a nation so Heydrich rounded up Polish politicians, nationalists, elites, clergy members, as well as Jews – many of whom were put into ghettos without food or medical attention until they died from disease or starvation. In 1942 this regime culminated in what is now known as “the Final Solution”, where almost six million Jews were systematically exterminated by Nazis like Heydrich under his orders. The railroad schedules were organized for efficiency and gas chambers built for quick extermination; it is widely accepted that this man was one of the most evil people ever to live.

In June 1942 Heydrich was assassinated by Czech rebels which would lead to much violence against innocent citizens by Nazi forces seeking revenge after his death. To learn more about this horrific chapter in world history we suggest watching ‘The Reckoning: The Life & Crimes Of Reinhard Heydrich’, a documentary series about one man’s role in shaping some of the darkest chapters in human history. It is sure to leave you shocked but also better informed about this deplorable era so you can ensure it never happens again.

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