A train ride through American history – New Orleans to New York

Jun 4, 2023 | History, Social, Travel, Videos

The “Crescent” is no ordinary train ride. It is an unforgettable journey that takes passengers through American history. It’s a path that leads from New Orleans in the Deep South through Atlanta, Charlotte, and Washington DC, before terminating in the pulsating metropolis of New York City.
As the train winds through famous cities and iconic landmarks, passengers bear witness to a nation’s story, the highs and the lows. The highs are woven into tales of courage, of triumph and of hope. The lows are traced through cities scarred by the wounds of history, by the indignities faced by minority communities during the civil rights movement, and by the memory of battles lost and won along the road to prosperity. Be a part of this awe-inspiring journey on board the “Crescent”, and witness first-hand the narrative of a nation that has persevered and thrived through adversity.

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David B