The impact of terrorism on tourism

Aug 27, 2023 | Economics, Social, Travel, Videos

Across Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey, a sense of fear pervades tourist hotspots that have been targeted by terrorists time and again. But the impact of such violence goes beyond just fear: tourists stay away, economies suffer, and jobs are lost. This is the premise of a new documentary that aims to showcase the dire social situation in these countries and examine anti-terrorism policies there.
As viewers explore these countries, they meet people such as politicians, terrorists, journalists, and civil rights activists who have all been touched by the issue. With stunning footage and analysis of Tunisia’s fledgling democracy and how Egypt’s military regime has tightened security, the documentary explores whether the fight against terrorism is being used as an excuse to control entire nations. Above all, it profiles the men and women who are desperately hoping tourists will return to their struggling economies, so they can feed their families and rebuild their lives.

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David B