How the rich get richer – money in the world economy | DW Documentary

Apr 28, 2023 | Economics, Finance, People, Social, Videos

In the face of exploding real estate prices, a zero interest rate policy, and a rising stock market, the divide between the rich and the average citizen is growing. And while some may be happy with low interest rates, the fiscal policies of central banks are causing an uncontrolled global deluge of money that is leaving many experts feeling uneasy.

In “The Money Deluge” documentary, viewers are taken on a journey through the complex financial landscape of our time. This film casts a bright light on the world’s central banks, which continue to pursue a policy of cheap money in the hopes of fueling economic growth and sustaining states that are in debt. With interest rates close to zero, savers are being hit hard, while in the speculative field, highly complex financial bets are happening without checks and balances. As the rich get richer, the documentary raises pressing questions about the state of our economies, asking what will happen to our money and whether a new crisis may be looming. Tune in to find out.

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David B