The Gorilla King

Oct 7, 2023 | Nature, Videos

Titus, the majestic silverback gorilla of the Virunga Volcanos in Rwanda, is a true symbol of survival and strength. For more than thirty years, Titus has been observed in his natural habitat – a dangerous mountain range where he has faced unimaginable tragedy and tribulations. He lost his close kin to murder, was orphaned and abandoned by his mother yet still managed to thrive.

To watch Titus’s incredible tale of destiny unfold is to witness one of nature’s greatest marvels. The remarkable story of the Gorilla King’s rise to power includes vanquishing rivals, evading poachers and even prevailing in times of warfare. It is a story that both inspires and humbles us all.

For those fortunate enough to bear witness to Titus’s remarkable journey, it can only be described as awe-inspiring. Documentary films are often lauded for their ability to capture powerful stories which evoke emotion – and no film does so better than this one. By watching this documentary, you too can join Titus on his incredible journey through adversity and come out the other side with newfound appreciation for the beauty of nature.

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David B