The Divide

Aug 29, 2023 | Business, Economics, Social, Videos

In 1979, an economic experiment was launched that aimed to bring about a better life for all people in the United States and United Kingdom. This set of policies and experiments is often referred to as Reaganomics. Today, however, both countries have seen inequality reach its highest level since 1928.

This documentary examines the lives of seven individuals from the US and UK who are striving for a better life. In this era where the top 0.1% owns as much wealth as the bottom 90%, it’s clear that virtually every aspect of our lives is affected by the size of the gap between rich and poor.

We meet Alden, a Wall Street psychologist with high hopes of becoming part of the One Percenter club; Leah, a KFC worker from Virginia who hopes just to make it through each day; and Donna, from Sacramento, California who’s not even allowed to talk to her neighbours because they don’t consider her “their kind”.

The film also explores how this divide became reality in 1979 through interviews and archival footage. It is time to understand what has caused such drastic disparity between those at the top and bottom so that we can work together towards a more equitable future for all.

The documentary offers a powerful insight into this complex issue that affects us all on some level. By using real-life stories from different backgrounds, it encourages us to confront our prejudices whilst showing us all just how connected we are as human beings no matter what our financial status may be. Watching this film will open your eyes to why these issues exist in society today and why it is so important that we strive for change.

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David B