The dinosaur village

Jun 11, 2023 | Animals, Nature, Social, Videos

Thuringia, Germany – a treasure trove of well-preserved dinosaur fossils. With more finds than anywhere else in the world, a whole new world of dinosaur discovery has become available to the scientific community. Excitement is growing, as archaeologists uncover new and fascinating information that is helping us to better understand the history of our planet.
Following the journey of one of Germany’s greatest geologists, Dr. Thomas Martens, we are taken on a remarkable journey through the Lower Permian period, where we discover 40 dinosaur skeletons and a number of other fascinating fossils. Witnessing the stunning revelation of a 26cm-long lizard, looking like a miniature replica of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the discovery of  two amphibians of the Seymouria genus, all originating from 290 million years ago, the team of palaeontologists from Thuringia work alongside their American colleagues, adding further proof that all of today’s continents were once connected, forming the primeval continent, Pangaea. Join us on a journey of discovery, as we explore the fascinating world of dinosaur exploration, and uncover the secrets of our planet’s past.

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David B