Since he was a small child, Cameron Macaulay has astounded his family and friends with tales of a past life on the remote Scottish island of Barra, some 220 miles away from his Glasgow home. But it’s not until recently that this incredible story has come to light in an award-winning documentary, “Cameron’s Story: A Life Beyond Memory”.

The documentary tells the remarkable tale of how Cameron remembers intimate details about Barra; its culture, people and places, despite never having been there before. Through interviews with family members, psychologists and experts in reincarnation studies, viewers are taken on an extraordinary journey to discover just what had happened to make this young man recall something he could have never known.

What is most striking about Cameron’s story is how detailed his memories are. He talks about people he has never met before, events he never attended and even speaks the native language of Barra – Gaelic – which he claims to have learned from his previous life there. His family say that these memories have been consistent since he was very young and haven’t changed over time – a fact which has added weight to the notion that this could be more than just a vivid imagination at work.

This extraordinary story of knowledge beyond experience is one like no other. It’s truly fascinating viewing for anyone interested in exploring the boundaries between fact and fiction; between memory and imagination; between our own reality and those we can only dream about. Watch “Cameron’s Story: A Life Beyond Memory” to experience an incredible journey discovering whether or not Cameron truly lived before in another lifetime far away from home.