40 Year Old Child: A New Case

Jun 14, 2023 | Health, Videos

The Williams family of Billings, Montana have been dealing with an extraordinary and heartbreaking situation: their 8-year-old daughter Gabby has a rare condition that has caused her to age at an abnormally slow rate. Known as 40 Year Old Child Syndrome, this mysterious disorder has also been observed in a handful of other cases across the world. Due to the abnormal aging process, those affected by this syndrome can suffer from various medical conditions, including blindness and deafness, physical immobility, difficulty eating or speaking, and more. The Williams are faced with an uncertain future as they grapple with this baffling condition. TLC is following the everyday lives of these families as they fight for answers and help their children live the fullest life imaginable. Doctors dedicated to studying the signs of aging are determined to find a solution for this heartbreaking disease. With every step forward in understanding this inexplicable phenomenon, hope is restored for the families dealing with it on a daily basis. 40 Year Old Child: A New Case follows the Williams’ story alongside others like them who share similar experiences. It’s both an emotional and informative look into a rare medical issue that affects so many people worldwide. Tune in to TLC to learn more about 40 Year Old Child Syndrome and be inspired by these families’ strength and resilience.

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David B