Tales from the Royal Bedchamber with Lucy Worsley

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Obsession with the Royal Monarchy is nothing new. However, unlike in the past, people do not get to see what happens inside the Royal Bedroom. In the past, the royal bed was a public place, like a littlestage where the future of the Monarchy and the Nation was played out.

Lucy Worsley gets into bed with past monarch, queens and kings to uncover the tales of the Royal Bedchamber. She believes that the rise and the fall of the bed itself, symbolizes the rise and the fall of the Monarchy itself.

From the bed of Edward the First, whose bed looked gaudy and strange, to the latest beds of Royal Monarch. The evolution not only of the bed, but the bedding itself is astonishing. For example, the bedsheets of Edward included a sex scene with Merlin the Wizard, as he had to do his duty in the bed and produce heirs to the throne.

After the Civil War, Charles the First was even under more pressure to reproduce, and the bed reflects that pressure. Charles the Second knew he had to establish a stable dynasty, and even turned at the wedding knight at his niece.

The mystery that the Royal Bedchamber brings is something that all people around the world want to know. Lucy takes you through the tales of the chamber, where aside from reproduction backstairs politics developed as a result of the public nature of the royal bedrooms. There was a time where a crowd observed the birth of the royal baby in order to determine his gender. Nowadays, under the reign of Queen Elizabeth, that is not the case, but history and evolution always bring a fascinating story. Hear the one Lucy can tell.


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