Sugar: The Bitter Truth

  • Published 6 years ago
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Robert Lustig, Lustig, a childhood obesity expert at the University of California, says that sugar, which is made up of glucose and fructose molecules, is a poison because of the way our bodies break it down. And he might be right.

For more than 30 years, the thinking is that fat is the ultimate enemy to our slim line, a type of wood that causes obesity. However, the harsh truth is that the real danger, the real enemy of our body, is actually sugar, hidden in all the sweets we consume on a daily basis.

Most people try to avoid saturated fats and dietary cholesterols to lose weight. And many of them fail in their goal. The reason is simple, they haven’t cut down on sugar.

But why has the information on sugar been hidden for so long? Simple, commercial food producers rely highly on sugar.

In his 90 minute lecture on sugar, professor Lustig talks about the danger of sugar, the misconceptions and the lies we are being told each and every day. Called “Sugar, the bitter truth”, the video takes a look at questions like “is sugar addictive” and “is sugar poison”. Find out how sugar stimulates the same pleasure centers as heroin and cocaine, and what opioid effects it has on the brain.

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