The 15 Best Documentaries About Sugar

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Sugar is a sweet, white crystalline or granular food that is composed of water and fructose (fruit sugar) and sucrose (table sugar), which occurs naturally in various plants. In the body, glucose and fructose are metabolized to generate energy in a process known as glycolysis. The rise of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose in products like canned soft drinks has led to the increased use of non-nutritive sweeteners, which have been linked to an increased risk for obesity. Recent studies have shown that artificial sweeteners can also affect gut bacteria in ways that increase the risk for metabolic syndrome and diabetes. While these findings deserve further study, it’s important to consider what you put into your body as you explore how to best manage sugar intake.


That Sugar Film (2015)

Damon Gameau sets out on a daring journey to uncover the true consequences of consuming excessive amounts of sugar.






Blood Sugar Rising (2020)

Diabetes has become a widespread issue, impacting countless individuals across the United States. But behind the staggering numbers lies a much deeper story – one of real people facing daily challenges and striving for improved care and prevention. Blood Sugar Rising delves into this reality, shedding light on the difficulties of living with diabetes while also highlighting new possibilities for managing and even preventing it altogether.





Sugar Coated The Pieces of Diabetes (2020)

Discover the true meaning of diabetes as we take you on a journey with four families who have faced this health crisis head-on. Through their raw and emotional stories, you’ll realize that this disease is not just about feeling fine or looking fit. It’s a complex battle that requires strength, determination, and support from loved ones.






Sugar Blues (2016)

Having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, filmmaker Andrea Culkova embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind the abundance of sugar in our food and its impact on children’s health.






Fed Up (2014)

In Fed Up, the curtain is pulled back on a decades-long collusion between the food industry and the U.S. government to deceive and bewilder Americans when it comes to nutrition and exercise. With groundbreaking revelations, this documentary uncovers the hidden agendas that have shaped our society’s perception of healthy eating and physical activity.






Is Sugar the New Fat? (2015)

Sugar addiction is a subject that has been gaining interest worldwide. This documentary dives deep into the topic, exploring the relationship between sugar and obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It also sheds light on the addictive nature of sugar and how it can be found in unsuspected foods.






Eating Our Way To Extinction (2021)

This riveting documentary, narrated by the talented Kate Winslet, delves into the complex and often overlooked world of the food industry. Prepare to have your eyes opened as you uncover the true cost of our food and who ultimately bears the burden.






Health Risks of Sugar (2018)

Sugar is often seen as the ultimate indulgence – a burst of sweetness that can turn any dish into a delectable treat. But before we dive into another spoonful of sugar, it’s important to remember that this beloved ingredient comes with its fair share of concerns. Here’s what you need to know about sugar and its impact on our health.







The Best Free Documentaries About Sugar

1. That Hits the Sweet Spot

A fantastic documentary on the damage that sugar is doing to the population. The movie doesn’t pull any punches and goes into detail about how much of a problem this has become in our society, especially when it comes down to health issues like diabetes. It explains why we need less sugar and what steps can be taken by people who are trying to cut back or eliminate all forms of sugar from their diet. Not only is it an engaging visual experience, but it also provides a thought-provoking look at the dangers of too much sugar consumption. It’s definitely worth watching for anyone interested in learning more about this issue or documentary viewers and movie aficionados alike.



2. Sugar Coated – White Death is Everywhere

The documentary argues that sugar is the prime cause of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It also shows how these diseases are similar to alcoholism in that they both share common symptoms such as cravings for sweets or alcohol. The film then goes on to show what happens when a person has too much sugar in their body: it causes them to literally get drunk with an increase in dopamine levels, which leads people into addiction and other problems.


3. The Truth About Sugar Addiction – BBC

Scientists have found that sugar leads to addiction and is highly addictive. It stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as cocaine, heroin, or other drugs like nicotine. A sugar addiction can lead to many health problems as well as emotional and psychological pain for years after it has become an actual problem in your life



4. Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Lustig’s research has shown that the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is associated with an increased risk for obesity and metabolic syndrome, as well as a host of other chronic health problems. These include type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and others. Lustig argues that fructose makes us fat by increasing insulin levels in our body; fiber does not have this same effect because it slows down how quickly food moves through your digestive system. This means you can eat more sugary foods without getting fatter or sicker than if you ate fewer calories from sugar, but did consume enough fiber to slow digestion time.



5. The Secrets of Sugar: The Fifth Estate

We’ve heard for years about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there have never been recommended limits on sugar, despite emerging research that suggests it may be making more of us obese and sick. In The Secrets Of Sugar season premiere, Gillian Findlay digs into this surprising science – and the reaction from those in power – to reveal a myriad of secrets hidden behind the label “sugar”. Has the sugar industry been hiding an unsavoury truth from consumers?


6. The Sugar Lobby: How The Industry Hides The Real Harm Caused By Sugar

The average person in France eats about 34 kg of sugar – twice as much as people did 15 years ago. 80% of the sugar we consume is hidden in everyday foods, like “healthy” breakfast cereals or ready meals. The fact that most people don’t even know what they are consuming has led to a dangerous epidemic- obesity and diabetes, heart disease and many other serious illnesses being on the rise due to this type of ingestion. In addition, there is mounting evidence linking sugars with cancer, something which should not be ignored by those who care for their health!



7. Price of Sugar- Documentary about Sugar

In the film, Bill Haney takes on a sugar baron who is known for his cruelty and greed. In one scene from the documentary, he confronts him in front of an audience at a church service about how much money it would take to buy all their freedom back. “You’re going to have to give them $75 million dollars! And that’s what you owe them,” said Father Christopher with conviction as he pointed towards the congregation.”


8. What Goes On Inside The Sugar Capital Of The Nation?

Australia has a diverse geography with lots of resources and is home to twenty-one million people. It’s an enormous landmass which houses a number of high-tech industrial operations, like mining and logging. Australia is known for having big ideas that are turned into reality in the country – from its vast natural landscape, to its booming economy.


9. Big Sugar Part 1

In the early days of sugar production, it is said that slaves were used to extract and process sugar cane. The first documented use of slaves for this purpose was in 1516 when a Spanish plantation owner brought over 300 African captives from Cuba to work on his estate in Hispaniola (now Haiti). Sugar became so prevalent with its popularity among European royalty during the 16th century that King Henry VIII had an entire department within Whitehall dedicated solely to “sugar affairs.” However, these imports led Europeans into conflict with Native Americans who relied heavily on their traditional diets which included large amounts of wild honey. This caused tension between colonists and natives as well as a decline in native populations due largely because they lost access to more natural food sources such as beehives.



10. Big Sugar Part 2

This is part 2 of the documentary on the history of sugar. In this video, we talk about how sugar fueled Europe’s Industrial Revolution and then later on slavery. We’ll also go over how sugar became a luxury item in the 1800s and then moved to being a necessity in the 1900s. We will also take a look at how sugar has shaped our diet today and how it affects us health-wise.


11. The Dangers of Sugar Documentary – Is Sugar the New Fat ?

Movie aficionados and documentary viewers, this video is for you! Learn how removing sugar from your diet could be the key to saving your life. We’ll explore 12 of the best documentaries about sugar and its effects that will help you understand why it’s so important to limit your intake. Whether you’re looking to learn more or just want an informative watch, these movies are sure to teach something new.


12. Sugar Crash Documentary about Sugar and Disease 2016

Are you a documentary viewer or movie aficionado looking for a shocking and eye-opening film? Then this is the perfect watch for you! In this alarming documentary by RTE, viewers are taken on an eye-opening journey that reveals how we have been conned into getting fat. Discover why sugar has become such an integral part of our diets and learn about the devastating effects it can have on our health. Don’t miss out on one of the most important documentaries of recent years – watch now!


13. Is sugar a poison to your body?

It’s time to uncover the truth behind sugar and its effects on our health. The 15 documentaries in this list explore topics such as processed food addiction, shocking industry secrets, marketing strategies of the sugar industry and how companies use lobbying to manipulate public opinion. All these films are an eye-opening reminder that knowledge is power, and that it’s up to us to make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies. From investigating hidden sugars in everyday foods to exploring the implications of overconsumption, these documentaries shine a light on an issue that affects us all—and inspire us to take action for better health. So put down your spoon and click play—it’s time to get educated about sugar!


14. How bad is sugar for your health?

The answer to this question is explored in Sweet Poison, an eye-opening documentary by David Gillespie. This film takes a close look at the adverse effects of consuming sugar and how it contributes to the rising rates of obesity and diabetes around the world. Through interviews with doctors, nutritionists, and experts on dietary health, viewers will learn how sugar has become one of the biggest contributors to our collective ill health. By exploring the dangers associated with sugar consumption, Sweet Poison provides a sobering reminder about why moderation is key when it comes to adding sweetness into our lives. The results may surprise you! Don’t miss this must-see documentary for anyone curious about how their diet affects their overall well-being. You’ll be glad you did!


15. SWEET POISON How Sugar is Killing Us

This documentary examines the history and health implications of sugar consumption. From its discovery to its ubiquity in modern diets, this film explores the effects that a high-sugar diet can have on our bodies. It looks at how eating too much sugar is linked to chronic illnesses such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The documentary also highlights potential solutions for reducing sugar intake and becoming healthier. With testimonials from medical experts and insight into food production processes, SuSWEET POISON How Sugar is Killing Us offers a comprehensive overview of how sugar has become so pervasive in our culture—and what we can do to change it. Whether you’re looking for educational content or just an interesting watch, this documentary will be sure

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