The 19 Best Documentaries About Henry VIII

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What makes a great documentary? Is it the captivating visuals, the compelling story, or something else? When it comes to documentaries about Henry VIII, all of these elements come together to create an engrossing and informative experience. Whether you’re a history buff or just curious about one of England’s most notorious kings, these fascinating documentaries will give you a unique insight into the life and legacy of Henry VIII. From his tumultuous personal relationships to the sweeping changes he made in English politics, discover all the intriguing details that makeup one of history’s most remarkable monarchs. Take an in-depth look at this complex Tudor king with these must-see documentaries about Henry VIII.


1. The Private Lives of the Tudors (2019)

Discover the captivating world of one of the most renowned royal families through this gripping series. Tracy Borman’s book serves as a guide, offering exclusive insights into the lives and relationships of iconic Tudor rulers such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Uncovering juicy scandals and shedding light on the customs and traditions of the Tudor era, this series takes an in-depth look into the personal lives of the most legendary dynasty in history.



2. Henry VIII: The Tyrant King and His Six Wives (2019)

Join host Tracy Borman as she takes us on a captivating journey through the tumultuous life of King Henry VIII. From his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon, to the scandalous affair with Anne Boleyn, and the heart-wrenching loss of Jane Seymour, witness the highs and lows of this infamous monarch’s love life.



3. Henry VIII: Man, Monarch, Monster (2020)

Once a promising and charming prince, he was destined to lead his nation with grace and compassion. But fate had other plans for him. Growing up in a tumultuous household filled with abuse and neglect, his innocence was shattered at a young age.



4. The Private Life of Henry VIII – Biopic (1933)

The life of King Henry VIII is full of intrigue, scandal and heartache due to his multiple marriages.







The 15 Best Free Documentaries About Henry VIII


1. Henry VIII – The Tyrant of the Tudors Documentary

People Profiles Documentaries are committed to creating honest, engaging, and informative documentaries about Henry VIII. We use only the highest-quality footage, images, and music sourced from trusted websites and archives with commercial rights. Our team is passionate about bringing a unique perspective to each documentary we produce, ensuring that each one remains true to the narrative of Henry VIII’s life. From his rise to power to his death, each documentary aims to tell the story of Henry VIII in a captivating and illuminating way. We believe that these documentaries are an invaluable addition to history and culture, giving viewers around the world access to rare footage and stories about one of the most fascinating figures in English history. Thank you for considering People Profiles Documentaries for your next project. We look forward to collaborating with you.


2. The Ghost of Henry VIII (2023) FULL DOCUMENTARY

Henry Viii was an awe-inspiring figure. His presence commanded respect, and his knowledge of the world was immense. He had a passionate temper that could be both charming and frightening, and people were drawn to him for his ability to make them feel safe. From kings and queens to common folk, they all felt like Henry Viii understood their struggles and could help take care of them. He was, without question, a formidable figure and his legacy remains strong to this day. His impact on the world has been indisputable and will remain so for years to come.



3. HD Henry VIII Man Monarch Monster Episode 1-3

This groundbreaking series takes us on a journey into the life of England’s most notorious king – Henry VIII. We explore his complex personality and turbulent reign, listening to stories from experts in Tudor history as we travel through stunning historic locations such as Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, and the Vatican. Uncovering new evidence that has never been seen before on television, this series reveals the truth behind this infamous monarch and how his legacy shaped the nation. An in-depth look at the life of one of England’s most influential figures, is essential viewing for everyone interested in Tudor history.


4. The Six Wives of Henry VIII Documentary

This captivating film has been thoroughly screened for plagiarism and is of high academic quality with a score of only 2%. According to scholarly standards, anything below 15% is considered acceptable. As a result, this documentary can be trusted as an accurate representation of the life and times of King Henry VIII. The overarching narrative follows the story of the charismatic Tudor king, from his rise to power and the creation of the Church of England, to his turbulent reign and eventual death. The filmmakers have sought to bring this period in history to life with rich detail and stunning visuals, giving viewers a unique glimpse into the 16th century.


5. Henry VIII – OverSimplified

We extend our biggest thanks to our gracious Patreon Presidents – Alexandra Scoma, Bobby Dellinger, Brett Seekely, Dane McAfee, Danny Sprangemeijer, Dominic Mazza, Drunk_On_Insomnia, Elliot Lepley, isolwi, Mark Davenport, Mike Banerian and last but not least Rex567dooho and Yubo Zhang. Without them, we would not have been able to bring you the best documentaries about Henry VIII. These illustrious individuals are our champions of cinema, who have enabled us to explore life in the time of Henry VIII with depth and insight. From his tumultuous marriages to his grand ambitions for England and its people, their support has allowed us to bring you a unique perspective into the life of one of history’s greatest kings.


6. Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant Part One with David Starkey

It’s time to take a look back at the storied reign of Henry VIII – and what better way than with one of these top-notch documentaries? From acclaimed historians like David Starkey to fascinating modern interpretations, this list brings together some of the very best Henry VIII documentaries. Don’t forget, please get permission before re-uploading any David Starkey Talk videos. Dive in and get ready to witness the tumultuous life of this infamous king!


7. When Henry VIII Fell In Love With Anne Boleyn

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn have been the source of fascination for centuries, but what truly drove them during their tumultuous affair? From a modern perspective, it may be difficult to understand why they took such drastic measures against each other, and why Anne risked her life for one man. But perhaps if we take a look further back in time, we can answer these questions. The documentary delves into the history of Henry and Anne, from their first meeting to their ultimate demise. It examines their political ambitions, motivations, and feelings for each other in a way that has never been done before.


8. When Henry VIII Fell In Love With Anne Boleyn

The story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn is one shaped by passion, conflict, and tragedy. We explore the drama behind this tumultuous relationship from its passionate beginnings to its heartbreaking end. Historian Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb takes us on a journey through the places they lived and visited, uncovering first-hand accounts from the time period which shed new light on their love affair. We uncover the implications of this bond, which lead to England’s separation from Europe and centuries of religious turmoil. It is a tale steeped in emotion and drama, one that asks us to consider: was it really love that brought them together – or something more sinister?


9. The Nine-Year-Old King Who Replaced Henry VIII

Often remembered as a “Forgotten King”, Henry VIII was a powerful and sometimes controversial figure in Tudor England. He left an indelible mark on the country, becoming known for his tumultuous marriages and grandiose projects. As king, he was surrounded by advisors who helped shape his decisions, such as the split with Roman Catholicism to form the Church of England. While his legacy is complex, we can explore it further by studying the various documentaries made about him. For those passionate about history and culture, these informative films will bring to light the life of Henry VIII and his fascinating story.


10. Jane Seymour – Third Wife Of Henry VIII Documentary

The script for this video has been run through a plagiarism check and scored an admirable 2% on Scribbr. According to experts in the academic world, anything below 15% is considered acceptable and good! This documentary on Henry VIII is an excellent example that truth can be stranger than fiction – it’s only when you take the time to research and dive into the depths of history that you can truly appreciate its remarkable moments. This film brings Henry’s life and legacy to life in an engaging way, giving viewers insights into his reign as one of England’s most famous kings. It takes a deep dive into his relationships, military campaigns, and much more – all with the help of experts in the field.


11. Catherine of Aragon – First Wife of Henry VIII Documentary

People Profiles Documentaries strive to present the most accurate and comprehensive look into the life of one famous individual. Our team sources footage, images, and music from various free media websites as well as purchased commercial rights from online archives. We’ve gone above and beyond to bring you our latest documentary about King Henry VIII – a man who needs no introduction. This incredible project sheds light on the life of an influential leader who changed English history forever. You’ll get to see rarely-seen images and hear stories from firsthand witnesses that paint a picture of Henry VIII’s reign, his actions, and their effects. Get ready to experience the captivating life of this incredible king as you explore our Best Documentaries About Henry Viii!


12. Catherine Howard – Fifth Wife of Henry VIII Documentary

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13. Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant Part Two with David Starkey

It goes without saying that Henry VIII, King of England during the early 16th century, was a remarkable figure in history. His life and reign are well documented in many documentaries, but some stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative journey into Henry’s past, here are some of the best documentaries about Henry VIII that will help transport you back in time. From the Tudor Rose to his famous six wives, discover the man behind the legend with breathtaking visuals and expert commentary from some of the world’s most acclaimed historians. Get an up close and personal look at Henry VIII, his powerful courtiers, and their complex relationships.


14. How Henry VIII Met Anne Boleyn

Many have wondered what led to the fall of monarchs, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Through this documentary series, we will explore their story that has been clouded in mystery and myth. Along our journey, we will seek out and investigate all available evidence to understand how their relationship developed and why it eventually came apart. We’ll look at the culture and customs of the time and how they shaped Henry and Anne’s relationships with each other, those around them, and history itself. With your help, we can uncover the truth behind this remarkable couple. Join us as we take a step back in time to explore the story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.





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