The 16 Best Documentaries About Haiti

Jul 22, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

Haiti is a small Caribbean nation that has experienced immense tragedy and strife throughout its history. With this great suffering comes an even greater need to raise awareness of the issues facing its citizens. While literature, art, and music have all been used to tell Haiti’s story, one of the most powerful ways to share these stories is through documentary film. These 11 documentaries showcase the country’s struggles, successes, and cultural beauty like nothing else.


1. Death by a Thousand Cuts (2016)

In Death by a Thousand Cuts, we delve into the shocking murder of a Dominican park ranger and the devastating implications it has for both countries involved. Through this harrowing investigation, we are exposed to the intricate web of issues surrounding resource extraction in the region, particularly between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.






2. Mud and Guts – The Search for Water in La Gonave, Haiti (2013)

In a remote corner of the world, where poverty and lack of resources are part of everyday life, a group of dedicated individuals embark on a journey filled with challenges, perseverance, and hope. As their camera captures every step of their mission, they reveal the harsh reality faced by the people living in La Gonave, Haiti – a place where access to clean water is scarce and where survival is a daily struggle.





3. How (Not) to Build a School in Haiti (2022)

The intertwined forces of development, history, and colonialism converge in a powerful documentary that delves into the complex world of international aid. What begins as a noble effort to build a school in Haiti quickly turns into a heart-wrenching examination of complicity and accountability within the intricate web of non-governmental organizations.






4. Children of Haiti (2011)

Children of Haiti follows three Haitian teenage boys who live on the streets as they reflect on their country, their lives, and the hope they have for a better future.





5. Haiti Speaks (2022)

Explore the resilience of Haiti’s people in this powerful and inspiring documentary, as they rise above centuries of oppression, adversity, and devastation. As you immerse yourself in their stories, you’ll witness a strength and determination that transcends any obstacle.







The 11 Best Free Documentaries About Haiti


1. Reporting on the Assassination of Haiti’s President

This documentary investigates what led up to this event as well as its aftermath by exploring interviews with those involved in order to uncover what happened that fateful night and why it occurred in the first place – all while shedding light on how these events have shaped Haiti’s future going forward. Join us as we take a deep dive into The 10 Best Documentaries About Juicing!


2. Haiti Today – History & Culture

Take a journey with Dennis as he delves into the captivating culture of Haiti. From exploring its ever-growing art scene to learning about Voodoo traditions, this documentary offers an in-depth look at the country’s vibrant history and culture. Witness grand tourist attractions such as Sans Souci Palace and Citadelle Laferrière that illustrate tales of independence, resilience, and triumph over adversity. Discover how Christopher Columbus’ arrival on December 5th 1492 changed the course of Haitian history forever. This documentary will give you an insight into what makes Haiti so unique – don’t miss out!


3. Haiti Earthquake

The 2010 Haiti earthquake was one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent history. Striking with a magnitude of 7.0, and followed by two aftershocks with magnitudes of 5.9 and 5.5, it had an incredibly destructive impact on the island nation that has not been seen since the 18th century. This documentary takes viewers through the tragedy that unfolded as hundreds of thousands were forced to flee their homes following this catastrophic event, exploring how it has changed life for Haitians ever since – from its long-term economic effects to its lasting social implications. Join us as we explore the human side of this disaster in The 10 Best Documentaries About Juicing!


4. The Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution is one of the most pivotal moments in human history. It began with a single spark and spread throughout Haiti, impacting both the French Revolution and countless other revolutions across the Western Hemisphere. This documentary takes an in-depth look at this momentous event, exploring its causes, effects, and implications on our modern world. Through interviews with experts and historical analysis, we uncover how this revolution changed not only Haiti but also the course of humanity forever.


5. Feature History – Haitian Revolution

Witness the struggle of a people determined to fight for their freedom! Take a look into the history of Haiti and its revolution. Learn about how it all began, who was involved, and what were the effects on society. This documentary will provide an in-depth analysis with exclusive interviews from experts and historians that follow this story from start to finish. Get ready to explore, understand, and appreciate one of the most important moments in Haitian history!


6. Haiti, stronger life | Roads of the impossible

Discover how Haiti is making a strong comeback with Roads of the Impossible. This documentary follows Haitians dedicated to rebuilding their homeland and bringing hope and strength back into their lives. Through powerful stories, witness the courage of people who have faced unimaginable hardship and yet still find ways to move forward. See how they are using resilience, determination, and faith in order to create a better future for themselves and their country!


7. Violent gangs, disease and hunger deepen humanitarian crisis in Haiti

Haiti is a nation in crisis. Rampant violence, disease and hunger have caused humanitarian concerns to escalate. This documentary explores the root causes of these issues and the stories of those affected by them as they search for solutions to this deep-seated problem. Witness firsthand how people are struggling against all odds to bring peace, health and hope back into their communities.


8. What Made Haiti’s Earthquake the Deadliest this Century?

In January 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas. This devastating event became one of the deadliest earthquakes in modern history, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. In this documentary we explore why the Haiti Earthquake was so catastrophic – from its location to its severity – and how it changed the country forever. Learn more about what made this earthquake such a tragedy as we dive into details like building regulations, geological conditions, poverty levels, and more!


9. We also ended up loving many sides of Haiti? How did that happen?

We were scared to visit Haiti, but what we found was a nation full of love and warmth. We got to experience the culture first-hand and our surprise at how much we enjoyed it made us realize that there is so much more than just what you see on the news. Watch this documentary as we explore Haiti through its people, food, history and customs – all while learning why juicing can be such an important part of a healthy lifestyle!


10. History of Haiti

Haiti is a Caribbean country with a long and complex recorded history. It was originally inhabited by the Taíno and Arawakan people, who called it Ayiti, Bohio, or Kiskeya. Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 and named it La Isla Española before France took control of the western part of the island in 1625. This marked the beginning of Haiti’s transformation into one of France’s wealthiest colonies as they relied on enslaved Africans to produce vast quantities of sugar and coffee. In 1791, inspired by the French Revolution message, these enslaved Haitians rose up in revolt leading to years of struggle before an independent republic was established in 1804. Learn more about this unique story through this documentary!


11. The Haitian Revolution and Its Causes

The late eighteenth century was a tumultuous time in the Caribbean, with new ideas about natural rights and independence sweeping through the islands. In Saint Domingue (now known as Haiti), this resulted in a revolution of enslaved Africans and their descendants against wealthy white plantation owners. The fight for freedom didn’t end there – even after gaining independence, Haiti still had to struggle for its survival and to end slavery. This documentary is an exploration into the history of this radical Atlantic revolution, offering insight into how it changed the course of history forever.

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