Strange Secrets In the Amazon RainForest

  • Published 6 years ago
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There is no place on Earth quite like it. The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world, covering Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and passing through some other South American countries.

The rainforest is famous for its biodiversity, with animals, plants, and many other species native only to the rainforest.

In the past years, the rainforest has seen its decline due to human behavior. There was a time when 80% of the food we ate came from the rainforest. For example, tomatoes, bananas, coffee, chocolate, rice, corn, pineapple and many other products.

Today, there are almost 3000 fruits found in the rainforest. We eat almost 200 of them, while Amazon tribes consume more than 2000 of those fruits. And that is just one of the secrets you probably didn't know about the Amazon rainforest. The documentary explores many more secrets.

The biggest problem, however, is deforestation done by humans. Some might say that humans are the most destructive animals, and they won't be wrong.

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