The 10 Best Documentaries About Tomatoes

Oct 29, 2023 | Best Of, Food/Drink

Gardening aficionados, foodies, and documentary fanatics have all come together to praise the humble tomato. These succulent yet delicious fruits are more than just a regular side dish; they’re an entire culture! To pay homage to this noble fruit, here’s a list of the 10 best documentaries that explore the world of tomatoes. From learning how to cultivate them, to discovering their unique flavors and stories, we’ve got something for everyone! So grab some popcorn and get ready as we dive into the wonderful world of tomatoes


1. Secrets of the Tomato Industry – The Empire of Red Gold

Tomatoes, once considered a simple vegetable, have now become an integral part of the global economy. Along with wheat, rice, and oil, tomatoes are now a staple commodity in the trade market. The versatility of this fruit is unmatched – from ketchup to pizza sauce, soups to sauces, drinks to frozen dishes, the possibilities seem endless. But this industrialization of the tomato did not happen overnight. It predates the rise of the globalized economy and can be traced back to 1897, a decade before Henry Ford’s mass production revolutionized the automobile industry. The company leading this charge was Heinz, who saw the potential in branding and creating standardized products from tomatoes.


2. The Dangerous History of Tomatoes

The documentary covers the origin of the tomato, its cultural history, nutrition facts, and more. It also looks at how tomatoes are grown today, and all of the different types that can be found around the world. The documentary features interviews with farmers and scientists who have studied tomatoes in depth. They explain some of the myths associated with them as well as their nutritional value and potential health benefits. It also includes footage from some of the most popular tomato growing regions, such as the United States and Mexico, to show how tomatoes are grown on a commercial scale. Overall, The Best Documentaries About Tomatoes is an entertaining and informative look at one of the world’s oldest crops and its current place in our culture.


3. Tomatoes and greed – the exodus of Ghana’s farmers

The documentary ‘Tomato Heart’ shines a light on the devastating impact of free trade on rural Ghanaian communities. The story is told through the eyes of former tomato farmers, migrant workers and agricultural advisors as they try to make sense of a broken system. It illustrates how globalised economies have put local producers at an unfair disadvantage, driving them out of their own local markets and forcing them to look for work overseas. At the same time, it also shows how globalisation has created new opportunities for skilled workers from Ghana to find a place in the modern world. Coupled with poverty are environmental issues highlighted by tomato farmers who have become victims of climate change due to land degradation and crop failures. This documentary looks at the human side of globalisation, and gives a voice to those who have been driven out of their own communities in search of work. It’s an important reminder that for every gain, there is also a cost – one that is often borne by the most vulnerable.


4. Organic Processing Tomato Production

Organic processing tomatoes are a unique type of tomato that is grown specifically for the purpose of canning, with the intention of preserving its fresh flavor and texture. This type of tomato is known for its sweet taste and firm flesh, making it perfect for sauces, purees, ketchups, and more. While organic processing tomatoes require a bit more care in production, they offer a unique flavor that can’t be found in other tomato varieties. Organic processing tomatoes are grown with the special care of maintaining natural processes and avoiding any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. These tomatoes are then harvested at their peak ripeness and processed immediately to ensure a superior product for consumers. When buying organic processing tomatoes, always check the label for certification, ensuring that the tomatoes were grown organically and processed in accordance with organic farming practices.


5. TOMATO – How Does it Grow

This award-winning documentary follows a family of tomato farmers from their beginnings in Mexico to their current farm in California’s Central Valley. From the challenges of working with nature to the joys of a successful harvest, Tomato: A Documentary is an inspiring exploration of hard-working people and their connection to this beloved fruit.Ever wonder why most tomatoes come from Florida? This documentary examines the unique history of tomato farming in the Sunshine State, uncovering the secrets behind Florida’s unbeatable tomatoes. From heirloom varieties to modern production techniques, The Tomatoes of Florida shows why this state is still the king of tomato-growing in the US.


6. Growing Tomatoes Greenhouse in Europe – Amazing Agriculture Technology

Tomatoes are some of the most popular vegetables around, and many people in Europe grow tomatoes in greenhouses every season. Unsurprisingly, this has led to the development of amazing agricultural technology that allows for efficient tomato growth year-round! From climate control systems to automated watering and fertilizing, these technologies have revolutionized tomato production and made it easier than ever for both home and commercial growers to get plenteous harvests. In this documentary, we explore some of the most cutting-edge tomato cultivation technologies in Europe and learn how they are being used to bring out the best in these juicy treats. From hydroponic systems to computerized sensors that monitor for deficiencies, discover what it takes to grow tomatoes on an industrial scale in Europe! Additionally, we also look at the impact of this technology on the environment and discuss how sustainable tomato production can be realized. Tune in for an insightful look into this amazing agricultural technology!


7. How Gourmet Tomatoes Land on Our Tables

Tomatoes are a staple in American cuisine, from classic summer salads to stews and sauces. But where do they come from? The answer might surprise you. Many of the tomatoes we enjoy originate from small farmers dedicated to growing heirloom varieties that have been developed and honed over centuries of careful cultivation. Find out how these specialty tomatoes make their way into our kitchens with this illuminating exploration of the gourmet tomato. The documentary takes us on a journey to meet some of these farmers, who have dedicated their lives to growing and maintaining these unique varieties. We learn about the history of heirloom tomatoes and how they’ve been passed down through generations, as well as the challenges faced by farmers in preserving them for the future. On our journey, we also meet with chefs and foodies who are passionate about these tomatoes. We learn how to pick out the best ones for cooking, as well as tips for preparing them in recipes that will bring out their unique flavors. From traditional dishes to innovative creations, discover new ways to enjoy gourmet tomatoes.


8. How Tomato Ketchup Is Made – Tomato Harvesting And Processing to Ketchup

From the garden to the grocery store, find out what goes into making tomato ketchup. See how tomatoes are harvested and canned for ketchup production, how they’re cleaned and sorted, and watch as they turn into delicious ketchup. This video is perfect for anyone who loves tomatoes or wants to understand a little more about them. And if you just can’t get enough of tomatoes, check out some of the other videos in this series! Learn all about heirloom tomato varieties, how to make a classic caprese salad or homemade pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes and basil, and more. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the fascinating world of tomatoes, you won’t want to miss this collection of documentaries about tomatoes. From tomato-lovers who grow their own in their own backyard, to chefs who use them in gourmet dishes, each film captures a unique aspect of the tomato experience. Explore the history of tomatoes from ancient times to modern agriculture and discover how they’re used in everything from cocktail recipes to art installations.


9. Ciao Tomatoes – From Field To Factory

Ciao tomatoes are packed with robust flavor that will transform any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Put a spin on classic dishes like spaghetti Bolognese or lasagna, adding a sweet, savory kick to the mix. And top off pizzas with Ciao’s freshly-harvested tomatoes to take your slices to the next level. Ciao tomatoes are also a great way to make sure you’re getting in your daily servings of fresh fruits and veggies. Cook up Ciao’s tomato sauce for homemade bruschetta, or use them as an accompaniment to your favorite protein source. And don’t forget about Ciao tomatoes in salads or sandwiches. With an unmatched flavor and unbeatable nutrition, there’s no better choice than Ciao!


10. How to Grow Tomatoes, Complete Growing Guide

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables to grow in home gardens. They’re easy to cultivate and provide a harvest that can be enjoyed all season long! In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of growing tomatoes from start to finish so you can enjoy your own homegrown tomatoes.The first step in growing tomatoes is to choose which variety to plant. There are hundreds of varieties available, so it’s important to understand the differences between them and how they will perform in your garden. Some tomatoes are more disease-resistant than others, while some produce fruits earlier or later in the season. Consider what you want from your crop before choosing a variety.

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