Step into the Beautiful World of Ancient Greece

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Scattered with modern houses and beach hotels, Greece might not look like the place where history and civilization was made.

But rest assure, the Greek civilization is widely regarded as the first one in the history of mankind. Industry, culture, language, archeology, astrology, mathematics are just some of the sections that trace their origin to Ancient Greece. Athletics and sports supported by the first Olympics are also a product from Greece.

But the sad part is, few people know much for Greece aside from the standard points. Tourists nowadays come to Greece for the beautiful beaches and cheap hotels, not for the history and the civilization that made the country as great as it is.

One man is trying to change that, as Top Documentary Films is taking a journey to Ancient Greece, trying to delve into the world and the civilization that was taking place more than 3,000 years ago. One of the earliest examples of life in Greece is the ancient city of Argos, considered one of the oldest cities today.

Experience the journey through some of the ruins of Ancient Greece, but also the delights of modern Greece, such as cuisine and nature.

After you've finished watching and learning the stories of Ancient Greece, take a look at some of the other history documentaries we have for you.

Or if you are more into legends, check out the story of Atlantis, the lost city.


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