Russia, Ukraine and the Future of Crimea

Oct 24, 2023 | Military/War, People, Videos

Crimea, a region in Ukraine, has a long and tumultuous history. It has been occupied by different countries throughout the centuries, and more recently it has become the subject of much controversy due to its annexation by Russia in 2014. Under Russian President Vladimir Putin, Crimea has had its last and perhaps definitive switch of ownership – an action that has had consequences for not only the West and neighbouring countries, but also global security.

The annexation of Crimea was a violation of international law as well as the United Nations Charter which states that member states should refrain from using force unilaterally to alter national boundaries. It was also the first time since World War II that international borders have been redrawn using force. This event has challenged existing geopolitical structures and sparked debates about international law enforcement and conflict resolution.

The story of Crimea’s annexation is one worth exploring in depth – and you can do this with ‘Crimea: Russia’s Annexation’, a new documentary series produced by NowThis News. Through interviews with key players on both sides of this ongoing dispute, ‘Crimea: Russia’s Annexation’ dives into the complex stories behind this oft-forgotten region’s history of conflict.

Viewers will gain an invaluable insight into how events were shaped by different countries’ geopolitical interests, how international laws have failed to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression, and how ordinary people are affected by these changes in power dynamics.

From eye-opening interviews with local residents to candid conversations between world leaders — ‘Crimea: Russia’s Annexation’ provides valuable context on one of today’s most pressing issues. Join us on this journey — explore the fascinating past, present and future of Crimea through NowThis News’ documentary series.

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David B